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    Saran Badges dari saya:

    1. Tycoon: Post 100 Project
    2. The Centurion: Complete 100 projects
    3. Entourage: Get 50 friends who successfully sign up to
    4. The Evangelist: Log in in every day for 1 year
    5. Simply the Best: Complete 5 or more projects, with a 95% completion rate.
    6. The Multi-tasker: Complete 50 projects
    7. All Star: Receive a 5-star rating for a project.
    8. The Influencer: Get 10 friends who successfully sign up to
    9. Frequent Visitor: Log in in every day for 1 month.
    10. The Appointer: Use Hire Me to employ a Freelancer 50 times.
    11. Spread the News: Invite 10 friends to join

    untuk penambahan feature sebaiknya ditambahkan feature Skills LAb untuk mendapatkan sertifikat, bagi yang memiliki sertifikat akan lebih mudah dan lebih dipercayai untuk mengerjakan project yang ada.