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Halo saya ingin menawarkan Aplikasi ZaKode - All in One Builder, Yaitu aplikasi web builder terlengkap, dibangun menggunakan Framework CodeIgniter.
Jika anda bingung codingan, saya menawarkan cara mudah tanpa coding/sql builder, hanya klik, drag dan drop, hanya beberapa menit, website anda jadi full FrontEnd dan BackEnd.

Untuk aplikasinya saya kasih Rp.500rb - Murahkan ... !!

Adapun jasa build tambahan sesuai kebutuhan anda tanpa susah-susah, dapat konfirmasi ke saya bentuk aplikasi yang ingin anda buat atau bila sudah punya Ide design atau DFD silahkan konfirmasi ke saya.

Biaya build akan disesuaikan dengan kesulitan pengerjaan.

Untuk Demo silahkan oprek sendiri di
maaf beberapa service saya disable di versi demo.

Jamin puas dan WebSite anda bisa berkembang sesuai keinginan anda.


ZaKode is A powerful website suitable for diverse systems, CMS, E-Comerce and others


  • Facility to customize to match your website theme
  • Easy install; 100% integration with wizzard installation
  • API Generator, Make Restfull Server API builder just one click, and get auto generate documentation.
  • CRUD Generator, Make it easy to make CRUD, with 35+ custom validation and 20+ input type.
  • PAGE Generator, Make it easy for you to make your front page to show anywhere, like website builder generator.
  • FORM Generator, Makes it easy for you to create various backend pages, just drag and support CRUD.
  • Multi Language Generator, Allows you to create multiple languages ​​that are translated directly.
  • Modules Addon, Allows adding addons to your website development into larger websites.
  • Backup Data, Make it easy for your website to back up and restore anytime.
  • FileManager, Facilitate direct file changes(Modules folder only).
  • Debugging Tool.
  • MailBox.
  • Rest API Tool, Testing your api with rest api(Ready on Site).
  • Dynamic Menu, Makes it easy to create dynamic menus just drag and drop, multilevel and support permissions.
  • Smart Model.
  • Backend integration with AdminLTE.
  • Access page/code is protected access rights control with aauth.
  • Makes it easy to save data with hot keys.
  • Lockscreen with the specified time.
  • Uploads file just drag and drop.
  • ... and many others.
Requirement System requirements for running this ZaKode application
PHP 5.5 or higher (if use PHP 7.1 You will get an error on debugging)
Mysql Server 4.1.13 or higher
Apache / Nginx
Mysqli extension
Session Extension
mcrypt Extension

How to install
1. Upload the zip file downloaded to your server in the public_html or any other directory you intend the script to run.
2. Extract the zip file in that directory.
3. Create a new database from your server MySQL with PhpMyAdmin or other tools.
4. Create db user to the database and link that database to the db user.
5. Go to the URL of the unzipped folder.
6. Follow the instructions with the installation wizard, just by clicking the Next button and you are asked to fill in the configuration

Zakode Documents
All Documents of use ZaKode on the site when the site is running.

!! Please Register Zakode application to get the license code, and we will process !!

History Version

[16-08-2017] - 1.0.2
- Fix, License - Some functions will be disabled.
- Fix, Form public parsing.
- Fix, Group Update.
- Fix, Views mail box
- New, Fast document for installation (README.txt).
- New, Status debugging tool for admin in form setting (False).

[11-08-2017] - 1.0.1
- Fix, Change the lisense system without verification first

[10-08-2017] - 1.0.0
- Release New Version
 Demo version Login admin

Email = [email protected]
Password = demo1234

Demo Version Frontend

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Kota Bogor

jika saya beli ini bisa untuk membangun berapa website yah ?

Kota Bogor

tolong info di wa yah pak 0815  1943   2779

Kota Bogor

info yah di w a o815-1943-2779

apakah ini sudah support chained combo box  dari builder nya ? atau harus koding sendiri ?

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