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Pembuatan Product Design untuk Alat Transportasi Masa Depan ( Electric Vehicle )

We're looking Product Designer to handle our 3 Months Products Projects, as the requirements below :  - Design with IMPACT measures on it (Gets things done, fails fast, prioritizes the right work to maximize value, and follows through; projects measurably push the business forward) - Craft with Expertise (Produces high quality design work — balancing usability, beauty, relevance, and delight) - Collaboration with Innovation ( Could do a Collaboration with another world creatures such as human, plant, animals, and catch up with their Innovation Mindset! Especially could works well with others within their team and across teams, communicates effectively, invites feedback, helps others, and is humble) -  Has strong Leadership values on its blood ( Takes ownership of projects and processes end-to-end, drives them to completion; proactively finds high leverage problems and initiates thoughtful solutions ) - Design Citizenship ( Doing the important things that are not just cool new projects: interviewing, mentoring, improving process, and evolving tools across the design team  ) Please respond and pitch your 'things' in a casual way! Create your 'WOW' moment on your first 100 Words of Pitch!

Design Arts Graphic Design Blender Cinema 4D AutoCAD 3D Modelling 3ds Max Poser Rhinoceros 3D UX Design

Project Class: Open to Suggestions
Published Date: 09/09/2019 09:02:37 WIB
Published Budget: Open to Suggestions
Finish Days: 90
Project Status: Published
Bid Count: 3
Select Deadline: 09/10/2019 09:02:37 WIB
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