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Needed 10 Russian Translator - Translate From English to Russian

Translating English to Russian Articles :  minimum 900-1300 words for 10 articles  Requirements: Well-known about grammar and writing  Russian Familiar with English  text Familiar with translation rules  Well known of source language and targeted language Well known about content of the text Deadline considerable with writing skill Know about WordPress based blog with good structure including internal link No google translate / tools results / No Copy Paste   Able to submit minimal 1 article a day after accepted (Considerable) Note : We're in selecting process a good Russian writer, for new or beginner can bid if already know about good grammar, as well as structures...

English Russian Translation Wordpress Microsoft Word Copywriter

Project Class: Open to Suggestions
Published Date: 13/10/2017 14:10:19 WIB
Published Budget: Open to Suggestions
Finish Days: 10
Project Status: Published
Bid Count: 1
Select Deadline: 12/11/2017 14:10:19 WIB
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