Buat program windows untuk photobooth bisa greenscreen! BIG MONEY!


THIS IS COMPUTER PROGRAM WINDOW BASED! similar to https://dslrbooth.com

Please read this brief and pdf attached carefully!!!

We wanna do system capture,edit and email this 360 booth and yes 
we need a software to do it

so heres a brief i attached in pdf ya so you can at least know.

And this is for event they want photobooth with green screen and after photo 

people can choose their background (equirectangular) which is well provide it related and relevant to the brand

and input their email  to recieve the post process 360 to something like 


with their chosen background on it.

Heres the point so the software should contain interface and connected with email services also ability to run in background so if person 1 input and enter it, it process the video queue to send in background but auto and run immidiately to person1 email.person 2 input person 3 input so all email got sended. etc etc

-we want to have the database csv export (admin see only)

-ability to add multiple email for person 1 friend 

-the equirectangular from theta is jpeg right? but we replace greenscreen with mp4. so they will have their photo embed with movie background replacing their greenscreenand afterward we create output like one in  


(this all photo but we want video in the background and layer up all into video 1:1)

-we goin to use touch screen so the remote trigger is more likely with program in computer but if it hard we can use old technique with mobile app and send to computer touch screen

Our team will present this dummy on 13 just rough and have ability to replace green can u do beta?

thank you looking forward for your quotation and if theres any question please do ask us.

things to learn

https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/theta-s-control/9nfj6vkj96cf?activetab=pivot:overviewtab  < theta windows trigger

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWagG7BBiU8 <  How-to use Green Screen functionality in dslrBooth Professional




Windows PHP Windows Programming C/C++

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