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Hi there, my name is Hayi, a mobile apps developer and Automation test specialist. I am currently working on a marketplace company in Jakarta. I Love to develop apps and automate stuff. I like to automate things, including automate the testing, automate my work wit scripts, and etc. all of them is to make my work become easier. 

With automation, I could easily re-test my application which is having a million of test cases in just a few minutes. While if we do it with manual labor, it could take a few days even take a whole weeks to run the manual test. 

If you can test it faster, you could find the bugs faster. If you found the bugs faster, you can fix it faster. If you can fix it faster, you could deliver your apps into user more faster.

So, why not trying to automate it??

Finish Days: 30

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Halo om, bisa tolong dijelaskan lebih lanjut mengenai testing tools yang dimaksud dan metode pengetesannya? apakah testingnya untuk web app, mobile app, API atau bagaimana? apakah user dapat memasukkan skenario dan parameter sendiri? 

Mohon pencerahannya, saya tertarik utk menggunakannya utk testing aplikasi dan API yang sudah saya buat.


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