Value optimization to minimize cost and maximize your profit



The picture uploaded is a simple sample of logistic problem where you have 3 warehouses and 3 customers who ordered your goods.

The question is : how to achieve minimum transportation cost?

In the above example, you can save up to 37% transportation cost by optimization!

Imagine how much you can save in 1 year!

And what if you have more warehouses and more customers in real life?

It is a bit complicated to solve, but you can save much money from it.

It's single sample of logistics problem, what about HR, marketing, or production problems?

I offer to create mathematical model and solve various real-life problem to minimize your cost, and maximize your profit!

I will find best solution for your special case with your constraints conditions.

I will analyze your data and report it in spreadsheet to you as soon as possible (normally i can deliver it in 1 day for a simple problem)

Finish Days: 2

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