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I am doing an UI/UX design and application prototype. Sometimes i am offering projects to the talented freelancers.

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UI/UX Design for Website/ Mobile Application

Rp 2,000,000     
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UI/UX design is the first step before make your application become reality. It is the first and the crucial phase before do the code stuff (development) in the application. There are some steps to make an UI/UX design for your application, such as : Wireframe : The first phase to mapping out your application such as, content position, navigation position, type of color, size of every contents and many more. UI/UX Design : The second phase. This step will do some artistic job for your application, such as coloring, image entry and many more until become a mock up Prototype : The third phase...

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2017: UI/UX design project for Backstage ID. Backstage ID is the mobile application that focus on event information.

The client is a student from University of Pelita Harapan

2017: Project Name : Echo UI/UX Design Project.
Client : Student from University of Pelita Harapan

ECHO is a mobile application that focus on Social Media for music lover - musician. The complexity of the UI/UX is high because there are a lot audio and video editing fixtures within the application.




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