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CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way from being a start-up to becoming a 100% Export- Oriented Offshore Software Development Centre. Our experience, expertise and portfolio have continue to enrich along the way. Our team currently stands with 230 exclusive Niche Techies, who follow the motto“Consistently Delivering Quality Solutions”, can boast of more than 1200 projects (on and off oDesk), covers gamut of technologies, solutions and industry verticals. The humble start with Open Source Technologies has now transformed to include authority over development of large Enterprise Applications, applications to facilitate Hardware-Software interactions, mobile applications involving challenges of limited size and spaces to name a few. Below is a non-exhaustive list of technologies we work on-

  • Web Application Development PHP, WordPress, Magento, CodeIgniter, Joomla, Drupal, RoR, Node JS, MS Technologies, e-Commerce Solutions, AJAX, HTML5, RIA, MySQL, MsSQL.
  • Mobile Application Development –  iPhone/iPad, Android/Tablet, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Titanium, Xamarin, Phone Gap, QT, AR, iBeacon, IoT, Bluetooth,
  • Scripting -Client-side scripting, ActionScript, Server-Side Scripting, JavaScript, jQuery.
  • RIA and Multimedia – CSS, HTML, HTML5 Responsive, Parallax Scrolling, Bootstrap, e-Commerce site, Flash, Flex
  • Quality TestingMobile app testing, Performance testing, Manual and Automation testing (TestDirector, selenium, Load Runner), Security Testing, Test Case Development.

We follow only the most robust and tested methodical approach for the processes and development cycles. In order for ensuring no dilution in focus and quality, CDN development process is strictly associated with Agile methodology. Driven by the fact that utmost respect to Client’s trust and due diligence in delivering expected quality are the mainstays of continuous growth and repeat business, we would like to enrich our Clientele by being a part of your development team against most competitive rates in the marketplace.

Verticals: Education, Lifestyle, ERP, Retail & Distribution, Healthcare, Real Estate, Social Networking, e-Commerce & Finance, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Automobile, Oil and Refinery, Manufacturing, Start-Ups, IoT, Gaming, and Augmented Reality.

Mobile Programming Windows Mobile Web Programming Joomla Ruby on Rails .NET Framework E-Commerce PhoneGap Ionic Framework Xamarin

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Domain: B2B or Business Listing

Technology: iOS, Android, Blackberry, .NET, MS-SQL

Description: VConnect is the largest local search engine and Information service provider in Nigeria. VConnect bridges the gap between Information seeker and businesses by providing comprehensive information about businesses, products and services. Finding useful & relevant Information has always been a difficult task; VConnect helps people to find information about products, services or companies available in its portal. More than 700,000 businesses are listed on Vconnect.

2014: Bezzirk is the new social photo sharing application. The app instantly brings a world of photos to your fingertips. You can share everything - from selfies to lavish landscapes. Breakthrough features allow you to upload multiple pictures, apply in-house filters, and post immediately. Main features are - Multiple Picture Upload, Polls, and Ratings. Bezzirk allows you to post pictures without cropping! Share with your friends all what you want them to see.

Multiple Picture Upload: Enhance efficiency by posting up to 5 photos at a time through our multiple picture option. Simply choose photos or use our built-in camera, write a caption, and post away.

Polls: We made decision making easier by creating the poll feature. You can now ask your friends on the go and receive feedback to make the best possible decision.

Ratings: Express your opinion by rating your friends' photos in a 1-10 scale and receive their thoughts as well by designating photos for them to rate.

No Cropping

2015: Restaurant Application

Domain: Enterprise

Technology: Titanium

Description: This is an online takeaway food delivery and table booking service. The platform allows customers to search for their favorite local take away restaurants and place orders online, choose from table booking and take away options. There would be two main consoles of the application:
1) User Application - The service allows users to search for restaurants and reservations based on parameters including times, dates, cuisine and price range.
2) Staff Application - There will be following staff users using the application consoles : Manager ,Waiter , Kitchen Chef, Biller , Take Away Manager

2016: Internet of Things:

Watch + GPS + Bluetooth + iPhone
Handheld digital watch with GPS & Bluetooth connectivity, integrated with iPhone mobile app, providing bi-directional communication and control, to offer real time call alerts, calendar notifications

Hardware Lock + GPS + Bluetooth + iPhone
Real time controls of a smart bike lock hardware, with alarm security, GPS, and keyless unlocking via an iPhone app.

Gaming Controller + Motors + Pressure Sensor + iPhone
Advanced Gaming Remote Controller hardware including rotation motors, pressure sensors, and vibration controls, all integrated seamlessly with an iPhone mobile app.

Fluid Dispenser + Pumps + Mixers + Wireless + Desktop App
Industrial Fluid Dispensing control via desktop based application controlling giant mechanical pumps, mixers, and wireless printers all integrated to automate the production and delivery of an industrial fluid product.

Car Parts + Light Sensors + Spectrum Meter + iOS + Android App
Quality Inspection mobile app for one of the 'leading' global car manufacturer, integration with light sensors, spectrum meters and iOS + Android Mobile apps to benchmark the quality and testing of different car parts / components.

2016: E-Chat app:

Technology: iPhone, Android, Objective C, Java, iOS SDK, Android SDK, x-code 6.0, Eclipse

Description: This is an app for intranet network where all the employees of a company can connect to each other and can get necessary information about the company. Below are few use cases.
1. Employees can read policies in their mobile app.
2. Employees can get all the forms like leave form in PDF format.
3. Employees can chat with each other. It can be one to one chat or group chat.
4. Employees can appreciate each other by writing a message to them or by sharing an image. All the employees can see who appreciated who.
5. They can also create a forum for discussion.
6. HR may create a voting poll to know the preference of employees regarding anything.
7. Employees can apply for company’s products on discount.
8. Employees can see the gallery of company’s events.
9. There is a calendar module to checkout the scheduled events.
10. Employees can apply for leave online.

2016: Social Media Sharing App:

An augmented reality location based mobile application that enables the users to plant virtual messages, images and videos at a particular location in an augmented reality platform. Messages at any particular location can be viewed in an augmented platform through a camera application in the mobile. This application primarily aims at reviving human interaction with their immediate surroundings rather than the digital world.




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