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Saya seorang seo expert, berpengalaman membuat website memjadi nomor satu atau halaman 1 di google  SERP dengan keyword yang relevan dan strategis dengan website .

Saya juga berpengalaman dalam Social Media Marketing , Search Engine Markting

Menerima Jasa Content Writing  penulis konten ) website /blog.


Hi greetings i iknow this is unique title, and i know this title will bring me to the number 1 or at least page one on Google SERP.
SEO is an investment for the future: Never make the mistake to consider SEO similar to PPC(Pay Per Click - AdWords). Even if it's sometimes cheaper, PPC has only temporary effects in increasing the leads generation and sales. My SEO's effects last much longer so paying for SEO should be seen as an investment (a very profitable one if done right) because my SEO results last longer! I am able to do that because in the link-building process I always acquire links for a lifetime instead of rented ones like some other SEO companies do.

Talk about expert is someone who is master in special field ie: SEO EXPERT means someone who is master in Search Engine Optimization .SEM Expert is some one who is master in Search Engine Marketing in Google Adword.
SMM Expert is someone whom master in Social Media Marketing (Digital Marketing ) .

Sex Expert is someone whom mastering in Sexuality . He must know how to make his partner very satisfied when their are making love.
He must know how to make women orgasme every time they are making love.having many style is good ,but the most Important is how hard your penis could penetrated the Vagina. Hard Penis , big and Long is what women drean about their husband. women no need much money to make them happy. You just give woman true love and satisfied in sexuality will make woman alway faith and loyal to you for the rest of their life.

I am Not a Consultant os sex but i will services women for the best and satified let i Company you.

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2016: website apa saja yg berhasil kamu tangani menjadi n0 1?

A. Website yang sudah ditangani

1 ) Klinikapllo.com dan Klinik Apollo.net dengan 185 Keyword strategis dan relevan seperti :Andrologi dan Ginekologi, Phimosis Kulup,Kulup panjang, Klinik ginekologi andrologi dan 185 keywords startegis lainnya.

2)Plazamesin.com dan www.Mesin panggang.com ; halaman 1 google

3) www.Masterseo.xyz nomor 1 di google pada keyword : pakar seo sem, ahli seo sem,pakar social media marketing, ahli sosial media marketing, Jasa content writer jakarta dan byk lagi nomor 1 atau halaman 1 google dengan keyword yg relevan dan strategis,

4) www.digiservo69.webs.com ; keyword; Rudraksha java,java rudraksha, indonesian rudraksha.

5) www.trikbelanjagratis.blogspot.com keyword ; belanja gratis, belanja online gratis

berapa lama pengalaman anda di dunia seo?

B)Saya berpengalamandari tahun 2008 di SEO sudah banyak Blog dan website bisnis saya yg jadi nomor 1 google.

cara anda menangani seo?

C) cara saya menangani SEO via On page seperti content yang unik dan menarik, judul yg sesuai dan SEO OFF page via beberapa software yang legal.

berdiri sendiri atau perorangan?

D) Saya Berdiri sendiri atau perorangan menagani semua Project Baik itu Jasa SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing maupun Content Writing.


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