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Project's General Goal

That customer is a French magazine dedicated to advanced mathematics... They are selling a physical (paper) magazine and want to improve their website. They currently have a eCommerce website made with a weird French CMS I don't know here : and a Wordpress blog here :

We want to fusion those two website into one new one that is better looking and more efficient on a marketing standpoint (better purchasing experience).

Project's General Instructions

Important : For each and every projects, please follow carefully the general guidlines described here.

A. Create a design for the new website based on the wireframe attached

B. Once validated, create the website with Wordpress and one shopping cart... I don't care about which shopping cart you use (as long as it's not costly), even though I'm partial to Marketpress eCommerce from WPMUDev.

Here are the rules for selecting the shopping cart system for Wordpress :

  • Must not be expensive (no monthly fee)
  • Must be well maintained and supported
  • Must be translated in French (we cannot display any english text like "Add to cart" to our French target audience
  • Must have a simple and seamless way to pay for stuff (no endless pages, forced account creation, etc)

Also, IMPORTANT : The theme need to allow a "no column/no menu" model so we can create squeeze pages.

C. Once the basic Wordpress system is setup, you must import the database of the wordpress blog here ( and import the database of the products here That import will be trickier cause the old shopping cart is not Wordpress based, but there is not a lot of products.

D. Once everything is imported on the new website and working, put the website on production instead of the old one, and use 301 redirect to make sure we don't loose any "juice" from Google.

Project's General Design Instructions

The project is about an advanced mathematic magazine, so we want to keep it simple and minimalistic. For the header you can keep the current logo and "school board" style (with green board and chalk). For the rest, let's keep it serious and minimalistic.

If you use anything to improve that simple design, use stuff that convey the idea of "mathematics". Please provide a few variations we can choose from.

Project Detailed Instructions

Refer to the numbers on the Wireframe attached to understand the instructions better.

1. Title : "QUADRATURE" 

2. Slogan : Make it smaller but readable, in a design that fits the title above. Try tu suggest other fonts that the one currently in use that are more readable. Text should be exactly like that : "Magazine de mathématiques pures et épicées"

3. Main menu : Exactly as it is on the wireframe, but of course well aligned

4. Shopping cart module : Here we want the shopping cart. I don't have any specifics here, except that we'd like a good looking and clever system (where it doesn't take too much room when there is nothing in the cart, and displays the purchased elements in real time when there is something in the cart).

5. "Latest magazine" module : This module will display the latest magazine available, with picture, intro text and a link to the full presentation.

6. Newsletter module : For now we don't know exactly what will be there, so make it a dummy... Add a dummy headline (in red), then a small video thumbnail, then a few dummy bullet points, then the email form with a "Accès Gratuit Immédiat" button, and above that a small privacy disclaimer with the text "Vos données sont en sécurité et protégées contre le spam" and a small lock picture on the left.

7. Facebook page module : add dummy for now

8. Slider : This is a slider on the main content area... Standard stuff... The article should switch from the selected articles, and people should be able to switch from left to right. A click anywhere on the slider will lead to the article. We don't need any fancy slider system. Just make sure we can easily change the articles that are in the slider, and also send the people to an external link when they click (for example a special offer on the latest magazine).

9. Normal articles : Here should be displayed the last 10 articles of the blog. For each articles we want a title, a byline with date and author name, a picture and basic text. The "read more" button on the bottom right should be titled "Cliquez pour continuer"

10. Footer menu : nothing special here, standard stuff

11. Copyright text : self explanatory. Please make sure the current date is written in PHP so we don't have to change it each year. Text is "2010 - 2016 (c)  - Tous droits réservés pour tous les pays" and should be placed below the footer menu.

I think that's all... Let me know if you have any questions. In your answer to that email, please also tell me :

  • The price you'd require for the job
  • If you can reach the final deadline for project (30.01.2016)
  • What's the exact deadline for the first drafts
  • What shopping cart system you'd like to use if it's not MarketPress, so I can have a look

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