Membuat aplikasi iOS dan android seperti BIGO


App features

Main screen

- Various login options (FB login , twitter login , google account login & new account registration )

o For new account registration - Fields to be included [user name, email address (with verification), handphone number (with verfication), profile picture (selected from gallery or open camera), gender, birthdate (date selector), location (Geo location feature to auto detect user location) ]

Upon login

- user profile page (user name & ID, edit biography, show number of fans and followers )

o Income (show amount in dollars which are converted from diamonds, they will be able to submit cashout via paypal)

o Diamonds (users can purchase or earn diamonds when they receive virtual gifts from other users. Diamonds can be purchase via in-app purchase packages – google wallet / apple store). These diamonds can be converted to dollars which will show in “income”.

o Level (Indicate what level user are at, they gain exp points by the usage of this app or by sending gifts, the detailed mechanism to to be discuss)

o Ranking (Will show they current ranking compared to all global users)

o Settings (will allow user to make certain perimeter adjustments)

o PM box (messages sent via PM will be displayed here)

o Notification page (will display all notifications here)

Home Page

- Show a list of live users feed in terms of ranking “top ranking users with most number of live viewers will be shown at the top”

- Explore icon (Will display all live feeds by a few categories breakdown – Newest users, Nearby users, hot list, by country , search bar)

- Video icon at the center to start a live feed (User have to create a live feed title and hashtag, location and social media post will be on by default. Social media post will depends on which account they use to login)

Live video page

- Information to show on live chat page (there will be a button to toggle on/off to display information, there will also be a button to exit current live feed)

o Live user name at the top (similar to BIGO) , user name can be click to go to profile page.

o Display no. of current diamonds live user had earned.

o List of live viewers profile

o No. of live viewers on current page.

o Chat bar at the bottom. (viewers and host can interact by chatting here)

o Sharing and gift icon (The sending of gift will be displayed in animation)

o Live chat stream will only cover 40% of bottom screen

o Name of users in chat can be clicked to go to their profile page

- Swiping left/right will switch between live users (random) (BIGO app have to swipe up/down, I want it to be left/right)

- Share icon (share current feed to social platforms)

- Gift icon (if user do no have sufficient diamonds to purchase gift, they will be directed to packages purchase page. Quantity of gift to send can be edited)

- Record live stream feature. Viewer can choose to record stream by paying with diamonds. (eg. 1 diamond for per block of 5 secs recording. ) Video will be saved on their local devices.

- Users can send gift of crowns, mustaches, wigs, and it will stay on user profile display pic for a period stated in the gift. *virtual gift*

- Option to purchase live streaming user contact information such as wechat ID, mobile phone number etc by using diamonds.

Push notifications

- Users will be notified when the users they have favorited goes “live”.

- Users will be promoted to login if they have not use the app for more than 24 hours.

Admin backend CMS

- Admin can view all users (also breakdown into their sign-up modes (Facebook, IG, Twitter and email)

- Admin can delete, suspend, ban and edit users details

- Admin can set the time to suspend a user (in terms of hours)

- User data can be export via CSV.

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