Two-Dollar English Consultation. Quick fix to your English needs.


Need a quick proofread or editing? Need a brief article translated? Or 15 mins preparation before an interview? Look no further! I'd love to help!

For 50k you can ask me to:

  1. Proofread or edit 2.000 word article
  2. Translate 400-500 word article,
  3. Give 15 minutes English consultation via Skype,
  4. Serve basically anything related to English with rapid completion.

Two Dollar English Consultation was born out of my passion in sharing knowledge and the need to keep the tank of my motorcycle full. I spent 4 years in college studying English, 3 years in teaching and tutoring, and a year living among English native speakers until I decided that this is the time to help people with the world's lingua franca.

Not sure yet? Drop an email, chat or Skype me, or challenge me with a one-liner. I am up for challenges (in professional manner)!

Time off

Delayed response at these hours:

  • Weekdays
    12 pm -13 pm and 12 am - 10 am

Finish Days: 1

Retyping Business Document Translation English Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Personal Assistant Translation Writing Website Microsoft Word



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  Rp 50,000
Contact Seller & Deal

1 hour extension + Rp 30,000
2.000 word article EN-ID translation + Rp 75,000
2.000 word article ID-EN translation + Rp 200,000
Privat tutoring (Bandung area) + Rp 75,000

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