eHotel System (Modul FO,FB,HK,Inventory dan Accounting)


Harga bisa dinegosiasi dan bersahabat serta bergaransi. 

Full Maintenance.

Visit :

Otomatic Room Status :

Expected Departure =  E/D (After Booking Validation)

Occupied Room =  O/R (After Check In)

Dirty Room =  D/R (After Check Out)

Vacant Room =  V/R (After House Kepping Edit Status = Clean)

Vacant Room =  V/R (After Status = Cancel)

Otomatic transaction entry for first registration after check in (Room Charges, Deposite, Disc)

  • Otomatic Table / Sub Departement Status :
  • Occupied Table =  O/T (After transaction)
  • Vacant Table =  V/T (After PAID)
  • Vacant Table =  V/T (After Cancel)

eHotel application software consists of several modules, such as :

Hotel Config 

Shift Working

User Management

Previllage / Users

Building Floor

Room Type and Facilities

Room No

Payment By

Payment Type

Identity Type

Disc / Plan Type

Table Multi Sub Department





Sub Department

Account Service

Menu / Product and Service


Details Competitor Info


Online Booking

Criticism And Suggestion From Guest


Check In Registration

History and Move Room

Transaction Balance

Check Out

Billing Registration

Transaction all Departement / Sub Department

To Room


Invoice Reporting

Update Status Room

Update Table Status

Room Layout

Table Layout

Integration :

Header Imager Manager

Menu Manager

Pages Manager

External Pages Manager

Paper Manager

Polling Manager

Articles Manager

Buku Tamu Manager

Block Manager

Chat box 

Module Manager

Files Manager

Download Manager

Link Patner and Client Manager

Random Link

Event Calendar Activities Manager

Gallery Photo Manager

Random Gallery Photo

Testimonial Manager

FAQ Manager

Text Header Manager

Text Footer Manager


Video Gallery


Check In Reporting

Cancellation Reporting

Check Out Reporting

Guest Ledger Reporting

Expected Arrival Reporting

Expected Departure Reporting

Room Status Reporting

Transaction Cashier / Shift / Date

In House Quest Reporting

Night Audit / Shift / Date

Inventory FIFO

Accounting System Integrated

Finish Days: 7



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