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Hi, I'm a Full-Stack Developer, well half of it, I prefer being Backend Developer
I've good experience with Android ( Java ), C# .Net ( both Standard and Core ), Nodejs development and I'm using TypeScript for time helper developing Nodejs projects.

Also I've playing around with API and stuff so I can develop either Client Side App that interact with server / API or Server Side App that serve the API, mostly in Nodejs with Express.js framework.

I also have experience with Backend Web development using PHP but it's not exciting, don't get me wrong, the language is good, but the development workflow makes me bored.

Even though I've more experience in Backend development, I still can do the Frontend job, but I'm not an artist, so ... that's why.

For Code Style / Code Convention / something similar, I do follow them, for example
Android JAVA and Nodejs ( JavaScript and TypeScript ) I use camelCase
when on
C# I use PascalCase for all Classes, Functions, Property, Fields, Constructors and other public attribute and use camelCase only on local variable or at least private global variable

And for my naming convention I prefer using
private String personName
instead of
private String strPersonName

Oh and if you are visiting my Github, don't worry too much about it, I just using GitLab recently but I'm still using it ( even though it's not maintained yet )

Java JavaScript PHP .NET Framework C# NodeJS Android studio

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2017: Real Time Nodejs based Ticket Queueing System

2017: Deprecated Project
Ticket Submitting Application

The use of the app is capture the image for an issue and then send it to the server.




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