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Boarding Labs is engaged in the IT field who have a role as a provider of solutions to the problems of information technology (IT consultant) and as a service provider to build or develop information technology (IT development). Boarding Labs has a vision of being a leading company in the field of information technology for Indonesia and the world.

The target market of Boarding Labs are various communities who need information technology to facilitate the conduct of various activities, it could be individuals or private companies and governments. With the background of all employees of the company is equipped with IT graduates and more than enough experience, We hope in the future Boarding Labs can be a partner that can help people in solving their problems and fulfill their needs of information technology.

Service Description
We are the right partner when you need a compact team that that filled with professional peoples, creative, youthful and committed to producing a high quality service in the world of information and technology. As a Company who has vision to being a leading company in the field of information technology for Indonesia and the world, to realize this vision, Boarding Labs has a mission to create a quality product and service-oriented customer. Hence the motto of this company is "Customer satisfaction is our top priority."

Globally, here are the products and services provided by Boarding Labs: 
1. To provide a solution to the problems associated with a system either computerized or not. 
2. Produce a quality software product which could be the product is a proposed solution to resolve the problem that is consulted. 
3. Produce a quality product that can be used internally and useful for its users.

To support high quality products and services, Boarding Labs is a company that is filled by an experienced team in the field. Until now we have been serving customers who require the development of mobile and web applications using the new framework and some tools that we believe can support us to produce a high quality product within the available time frame. In addition to providing products and services of high quality to the web and mobile app, our team is currently conducting research, one of which is to create a platform M2M standards of quality, safe, efficient, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Boarding Labs believes that nothing is impossible to be made, because basically we saw a problem as part of a mystery that would be very nice if we can solve it. Looking toward to working with you.

Boarding Labs.
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