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I'm experienced programmer and team leader. I have built many web based system, using .NET, Java, or PHP. 2 years in Android Development. I'm fast learner. Familiar with GIT, SVN. Enthusiasm in SCRUM implementation. A lot implementation using Javascript, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, or MVC Pattern. I'm also have ability todo analysis on business requirement, or lead a small team.

Give me the opportunity, and you will never regret that. You will found my experience in below.

Here are list of my experiences:

  1. Consultant for Software Development on TB Case and Logistic Subdit TB Governmental Ministry 2013 & 2014
  2. Consultant on Emergency Event Logging System in Oil & Gas Industry - 2012
  3. Consultant for HSE Reporting System  in Oil & Gas Industry - 2012
  4. Consultant for National Procurement Portal - 2011
  5. Consultant for e-Budgeting System for National Mining Industry - 2011
  6. Consultant for Web Portal National Witness Protection - 2011
  7. Consultant for Recruitment System - 2010 & 2011
  8. Consultant for Web Retail Investment System - 2010
  9. Consultant for Reward Point System in Banking - 2010
  10. Consultant for Sales Performance Management System in Banking - 2009
  11. Consultant for Product Website of Premium Sport Vehicle - 2009
  12. Consultant for Web Profile of Finance Industry - 2008
  13. Consultant for Student Enrolment System - 2007
  14. Consultant for SMS Performance Monitoring System in Telco Industry - 2007
  15. Consultant for SMS Surveillance System in Telco Industry - 2007
  16. Consultant for Patent Information System - 2007
  17. Consultant for Retail Bond System in Banking - 2005
  18. Consultant for Company Feedback System in Manufacture Industry - 2006
  19. Consultant for SMS Gateway - 2006
  20. Consultant for Investment System in Banking - 2003 to 2004
  21. Consultant for Hospital Information System - 2001

MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL Java jQuery PHP CodeIgniter Yii C# Bootstrap

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2011: National procurement portal, a web of aggregate information of purchasing in government environment. Using Java, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

2012: Health & Safety Environment Reporting System for Oil & Gas Industry

2013: Bengkelin Android App, digunakan sebagai mobile app dari aplikasi, situs marketplace untuk jasa.

2014: Berbagipuisi, merupakan mobileapp dari situs komunitas seni sastra

2014: Web untuk sharing video, audio dan artikel yang memberikan insprasi.

2014: Website profile untuk lembaga sosial di Jakarta

2014: Software Development in TB Case and Logistic Subdit TB Ministry of Health




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