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I’m a  problem-solver, who loves to help people and be creative with it. I don’t like reading novels  but I love reading people as well as listening to their problems and cheering them up. I’m not scared of any programming languages and challenges that come with it. I’m currently looking for a chance to be a better team player, and a better family helper. I believe in mutualism, so let’s help each other.

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2015: Promotional Website for X Product
- Wordpress-like CRUD features and admin interface
- A modifiable profile page with Facebook-like avatar cropper.
- A landing page complete with gallery.
- Affiliate marketing features like Referral Links.

Languages and Tools:
- Laravel 4.2 (PHP-based)
- Bootstrap CSS

2017: Automatic Cat Feeder
How It Works:
1. The machine will detect the position of the cat through the ultrasonic sensor that has been placed on it.
2. If the cat is near, the machine will pour food for the cat.
3. The volume of the food that will be poured can be adjusted using the potentiometer.

Languages and Tools:
- Atmel XMEGA A3BU-256 machine
- Free RTOS
- C Programming Language

2017: Skripsi/Karya Ilmiah berisi penelitian saya berjudul "Development of Personalized Pedagogical Agent for Student-Centered e- Learning Environment". Terpilih untuk mempresentasikan isi karya ilmiah tersebut di World Engineering Education Forum di Malaysia 2017.Di bawah adalah posternya yang saya kerjakan bersama seorang rekan.

2017: Pedagogical Agents

- Direct users to fill in a questionnaire, so that their learning styles can be identified.
Direct users to a personalized content based on their learning styles
- Give feedback to students based on their assessment results, and also external resources (as shown on the picture on the left)
- Track students’ performance while learning and give feedback based on that.

2017: I-OER Educational Platform

- Media upload, and viewing (video, documents, etc)
- Media download (as .zip files)
- Role-based Access
- Moodle Integration
- A modifiable profile page
- Automatic Video Thumbnail

Languages and Tools:
- Laravel 5.2
- ViewerJS
- Moodle

2018: Features:
- Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) Modules
- Role-based Access Control
- Transaction Monitoring (with charts to visualize it)
- Read and Modify Profiles (option to change passwords included)

- Languages and Tools:
- React JS
- Core UI Admin Template
- A variety of plugins including a React-compatible version of Chart.js
- Bootstrap CSS

2019: Qur’an Academy Suite (Qur’an Memorizing App for Windows and Mac OS)
- Audio Player to play Quran Recitals by Qari
- Select various verses from the Qur’an
- Integrated with Device microphone so users can record their own recitals
- Self-Assessment
Automatic Grading

Languages and Tools:
- React JS
- Ionic Framework
- Ionic Capacitor

2020: Go-Ustadz App
- Book teachers online.
- Look for teachers based on your location (distances are calculated using a partial Haversine formula)
- News Reading (with Wordpress)
- Q&A Form (with Wordpress)

Languages and Tools:
- React Native
- Wordpress (News Reading and Q&A Form)
- Laravel 5.5 (Back-End)

2020: Online Herbal Shop

- Add To Cart and Checkout Order
- Whatsapp Chat
- Product Catalog

Languages and Tools:
- Woocommerce
- Third-party Wordpress Plugins.



Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Terima kasih Pak! Will order for more! good job!

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