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Display Name: Sailendra Salsabil
User Name: zalzabill
Account Type: Personal Account
Date Registered: 06/02/2017 09:08:23 WIB
Provinsi: Jawa Timur
Kabupaten: Kota Surabaya
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2014: MuahCity (Find new friends and go dating)
1. Show users nearby order by nearest location
2. Add new friend
3. Send text / image /audio message to friend
4. Create or join group chat
5. Send text / image /audio message to group chat
6. Update stories to everyone
1. XMPP protocol for single or group chat service
2. Google cloud messaging for push notification
3. Ok http for access network client service
4. UCrop yalantis for cropping image
5. Kbenie imagepicker for getting image from existing file locally
6. Fresco for image loader
7. Eventbus for passing value data over activity or fragment.
8. Flurry for analytic
9. Fabric for crash report
10. Appflyer for promotion

2015: Ikalab (Sharing food recipes)
1. Storage media text and image for food recipes
2. Login using goole/twitter/facebook for single sign on.
3. Give a like for each recipe
4. Send a comment to recipes
5. Show notification and history activies.
1. Fresco for image loader.
2. Firebase cloud messaging for push notification.
3. Ok http for network client service
4. Kbenie image picker for adding the photo
5. Recyclerview for list recipes

2016: SkyStock (Express Inventory Management)
1. Store data text and image for store, warehouse, product, and transaction
2. Scan barcode/qr-code for quick searching products.
3. Analysis data transactions
4. Show products, warehouses, history list
5. Login with third-party account like as: Facebook and Google.
1. Ok Http for network client
2. Recyclerview for showing the list
3. Navigation drawer for top left menu
4. Fresco for image loader
5. Rx paparazo for image picker
6. Yalantis for crop image feature
7. ZXing for scan barcode/Qr-code
8. Eventbus for passing data throught fragment or activity classes
9. Facebook and google SDK for sign in third-party account information.
10. Activeandroid for ORM library

2017: YipChat is new style of chat room. you can create the room and let the people join and then allow to subscribe it for receiving notification about the room activity, it just like group chat but you can see who is online users on the room.
- The global room is everyone who connected with YipChat, they will enter the global room. so you can find who is online users on real time.
- Not only text message, you also can send the emoji, picture, and audio for messaging.
- Send invitation for new friend, after that you chat with her privately.
- Invite your friend to join your room.
- Add more your profile picture, to let them see your cool things.
- Using the Firebase. to make the chat message moving so fast and no delay.
- No need refresh action, because it's using real time data synchronization techniques
- Firebase database, data store
- Firebase authentication, user account
- Firebase storage, media storage for image and audio file
- Firebase messaging, push notification
- Fresco, image loader
- Eventbus, passing data to activity or fragment
- UCrop, image cropping tool
- Recyclerview, managing the list
- Cardview, making rounded layout
- Facebook and Google SDK, sign in third party account information.



Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

mantap joss, sesuai pembicaraan diawal, dan ga susah komunikasi

Project Ending: Self Mediation         Rating:      (-/10)

Penyelesaian Arbitrase

Kedua belah pihak mencapai kesepakatan bersama penyelesaian arbitrase di mana Worker menerima Rp 4,000,000 (30%) dan Owner menerima Rp 9,500,000 (70%). Dengan ini arbitrase dinyatakan selesai.
Project Ending: Self Mediation         Rating:      (-/10)

Penyelesaian Arbitrase

Kedua belah pihak mencapai kesepakatan bersama penyelesaian arbitrase di mana Worker menerima Rp 0 (0%) dan Owner menerima Rp 5,000,000 (100%). Dengan ini arbitrase dinyatakan selesai.
Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

listing pekerjaan diselesaikan dengan baik sesuai requirements dengan cepat. recommended IOS developer untuk next project

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Komunikasi bagus dan bisa memberikan solusi

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Worker menguasai  projct yang saya berikan sehingga cepat selesai, pengerjaannyapun sangat baik selalu memberikan laporan kalau ada yang sudah diselesaikan, project diselesaikan tepat waktu bahkan kurang dari waktu yang saya berikan sudah bisa diselesaikan. komunikasinya juga enak friendly banget. recomended banget pokonya. Terimakasih untuk bantuannya kak.

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

kerjanya cepat, sesuai dengan yang di targetkan.

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

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