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C Point Corporation
Hamazo 's Staff -as CEO / Founder Jakarta Hyper Local Blog Site ~ WaGoMu.

Japanese Interpreter
~ Passed JLPT N3 on July 2011 in Jakarta, then Passed JLPT N2 on July 2013 in Hamamatsu - Japan and Trying to take JLPT N1 now.
~ Help to Teaching Basic Japanese Since November 2010 at Fuji Bijak's Japanese Class - Japania Juku Bekasi
~ Counter Staff at Yamaha Music School Pacific Place, and interpreting for Japanese Customers
(January 2010 to January 2012)
~ Jishusei at Miyuki.Co.Ltd and Interpreting for Another Indonesian (April 2012 - March 2015)
~ Translating What's Hamamatsu's Angket Project (November , 2013)
~ Interpreting for TULUS's 1st Performance in Hamamatsu - Japan at Hamazo 10周年大感謝祭 October 11th 2015.
(We're WaGoMu ! Join Us and Create Yout Original Blog at WaGoMu.id)

Multicultural Concierge at Hamamatsu Global Jinzai Support 
~ (Introducing Indonesia to Hamamatsu on 90 Minutes Seminar at Create Hamamatsu, June 12th 2014)
~ (Join The Symposium with Another Foreigner in Hamamatsu at Zaza City, February 10th 2015)
~ (Special Guest Speech at Hamakita Japanese Contest February 1st 2015, Speech Tittle : Connecting The world by Rubberband)

Additional Staff for Inhamamatsu.com :
~ (What's Hamamatsu's Talk Event at Kamoe Art Center, March 1st 2014)
~ (Hamamatsu Voice Video for In Hama Youtube Channel)
~ (Naration for Crown Melon Shizuoka "The Pride of Japan"'s Commercial Video)

I`m Indonesian whose dreaming to "Connecting The World by Rubberband". Maybe Thats sounds impossible, but , I always believe that there is nothing Impossible. because the word 'Impossible' itself told us that "I'M POSSIBLE". So, I'm possible to do anything that I want to do. And Keep doing my best for this.

Cycling, Travelling, and Do anything Fun is my Hobby. I love people, and I want to make a Friend with everyone.


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