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Beberapa project yang pernah saya handle di antaranya :

1. Installasi Network Wireless P2MP dengan mikrotik di PT. Medco DownStream Indonesia dan installasi Proxy Server & Router serta Switch Cisco
2. Installasi Network di Nokia indonesia ( pemasangan LAN ) 200 titik.
3. Installasi Cisco Router di beberapa site untuk PT. Apexindo
4. Installasi Network ( WAN/LAN ) medco ampera untuk antar lantai
5. Installasi & Maintenance di pemda bekasi ( mailserver,webserver,cloudserver,cpanelserver ) mail.bekasikab.go.id
6. Installasi mailserver di Unisistama(vendor Cisco ) mail.unisistama.co.id.
7. Configurasi Cisco Switch & Cisco Router untuk deliver Voice dan dataernet int di PT.Sritex indonesia
8. Configurasi HP Procruve di PT. Zicolaw Indonesia untuk deliver voice dan data.
9. Installasi LAN di Depdagri
10. Installasi router & Proxy server di PT.Vibro
11. Configurasi DELL force10 untuk di TheEnergy Building
12. Installasi Router Miktorik di Sekolah Avicena.
13. Konfigurasi Cisco switch & CCTV untuk RSUD bekasi
14. Configurasi Cisco switch di Hunterbay indonesia
15. Configurasi HP Procruve di PT. Falcon House Indonesia.
dan lain-lain.

Dan Pengalaman Kerja di bawah:

May 2011- Now PT.Api Metra Graha ( Building management property) Supervisor Network & System Infrastruktur Jobs Descs : Manage all Server(proxy/DNS/DHCP/Mail Server/Web Server/Database Server ) like as windows server 2003 and Linux open source,Network monitoring , Manage Network Device ( HP Procruve,Nortel Switch,DELL Force10,Juniper Switch/ Juniper Firewall/Router, Cisco Switch/Router) ,Aruba Wireless.
2010-2011 : PT.Dharma Henwa ( Coal Mining) Supervisor System Support. Jobs Desc : Manage Wireless P2P ( All Site)Manage Cisco router/Switch, mail server building , File Server Building. Sept 2009- May 2010 : Distributeit, Pt. Ltd (One of hosting and register domain in Australia). As a Experienced Network & System Senior. Job Desc : Manage All Network & System Aplications Vmware, All Network, Hosting, etc by Cisco, Linux & Windows 2003- Sep 2009 PT Elga Yasa Media (Internet Service Provider).
As a Internet Access &Network Engineer senior. Job Descs : Network maintenance/installation, Internet maintenance/installation,Computer/Printer/FingerPrint hardwar&software maintenance/installation/troubleshooting, Vsat maintenance/installation, wireless installation/maintenance, Network monitoring, Fiber Optic Support, helpdesk Supervisor. 2001- 2003 PT. Pergudangan Nasional , IT staff. Job Description : Network Administrator, Hardware & Software Maintenance,

Linux CPanel WHM Networking Cisco Juniper Ubuntu Linux Administration Network Security WHMCS

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