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Hello there!

My name's Mahdi. I'm from Surabaya but currently living in South Jakarta. My specialization is in Architecture/ Interior Design. I graduated from August 17th University in Surabaya and now i'm working as interior designer in a Korean company in Jakarta.

I do love designing rooms, offices, apartments, houses, studio, public places, etc. If you ask me which type or which style do i ue, well i can do anything! for ex : Luxury style, Scandinavian style, Home-Office style. You just ask me what style you want, then i will design it for you! I crave for designing so if you challenge me to design a weirdo/rare style, i will try my best!

Don't worry also, i'm used to design on SketchUp, AutoCAD, 3DsMax, Lumion, Vray, interesting right?! So, which app you use for designing?

Feel free to contact me on WhatsApp!
I will help you to minimize your task ;)

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Design Rumah (Architectural Design)

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Start form IDR Rp 20.000/m² Anda akan mendapatkan paket design membangun rumah yang siap dikerjakan oleh kontraktor di wilayah manapun anda berada (Indonesia). *bergaransi Dalam masa konsultasi dan pembuatan konsep file akan dikirimkan melalui email: [email protected] Untuk hasil Akhir anda akan mendapatkan laporan (dikirim ke rumah anda) : Print Out A4 : Gambar Kerja 2D Print Out A4 : Perhitungan Konstruksi Print Out A4 : Rencana Anggaran Biaya Print Out A4 : 3D Design 1 Paket CD : Animasi dan Softcopy file   Tahapan Konsultasi Tahap 1 : Konsep Design Konsep design merupakan suatu langkah awal untuk pemilihan rancangan desain yang sesuai dengan permintaan owner dan saran dari arsitek...

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2017: TOWNHOUSE TYPE 49/70

2017: Town House 4 Level

2017: MInimalist House




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