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Hi, my name Azizah,

Because I will handling every projects with my partner, so let me introduce a bit about our experience.

Both of us has an interest and a lot of experience in marketing & digital marketing activity.

We’re graduate as a bachelor degree majoring in International Marketing, but my partner he just finishing his master degree in Creative Marketing. I’m personally have an experience in working at Fintech Company and Multinational Beauty Company while my partner He have an experience working at digital marketing agency and handling several company like FMCG, Bank, Retail and etc.

We believe the skills and experiences that we have gained in this position make us an ideal candidate for another job opportunity in Digital Marketing/Marketing scoop. 

As a digital marketer, We have developed our skill in every digital activity, such as created a digital content plan, execute, monitoring and reviewing the results when the program is done, to see what strategy that have a good performance and what we have to do next based on previous performance.

One of our duties is handling  digital campaign through Ads campaign and social media. For Ad campaign, we’re doing the ads by ourself using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google. We also do the A/B test for every Ads that we ran (optional based on client request), to see what communication content or design content that have a good performance based on our target user.

Also my partner has a strong skill as a copywriter, where I think this skill is really important if you want to have a better communication for your brand/business.

Other than that, We  also managing the SEO, Email Marketing. In this digital era, of course influencers is really helpful for us, so We have a lot  collaboration with the Influencers, and this is also our responsibility to manage our influencers, starting from finding the right influencers, created a content for them, negotiation, execution and monitoring. Other than that, managing social media content is also one of our main responsibility.

We’ve become heavily involved in every digital and marketing campaign activity. We always eager to learn more about this job because We think in the future, digital marketing will be one of the main marketing programs in the digital era today and on our own time to become more knowledgeable. We would love to bring this passion in every company wherever We work.

We confident that our strong experience and skill in digital marketing and offline marketing activity qualify us for consideration. If you would like, We can provide you our curriculum vitae to know more about our experience and several awards that we have achieved. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing our qualifications in more detail.

Thank you,



Email Marketing Pay-per-Action Marketing (PPA) Pay-per-Click Marketing (PPC) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Sales and Marketing Advertising Email Handling Google Adwords

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