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Pengalaman sebagai sales coordinator, purchasing dan admin olshop (cara kelola, upload foto, proses jual beli dan handle customer)

Skills and Knowledge:

Microsoft Office Word, excel, outlook, powerpoint

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Languages : Indonesian, English, Chinese/Mandarin, Hokkian, Teochew

Administrative Support Data Entry Business Document Translation Translation Administration

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Company: Sales Coordinator & Purchasing (2014-May 2018)
 Incharge of industrial supplies for marine, mining, oil & gas and engineering equipment
 Incharge of sales transaction (indoor/customer service): handle enquiries from walk-in customers or via email/call/chat, provide quotation to customers, issue DOs and Invoices to customers, follow up with customers
 Incharge of purchase: checking items from any suppliers, negotiate price and payment term with suppliers, order item by issue purchase order to suppliers, ensure the delivery/receive the purchased item on time
 Stock control
 Shipment (in/out) control
 Update report of sales and purchase issue to supervisor

Freelance: Online Shop Admin (Started from 2011)
 Upload products photo to media social
 Update selling price
 Update latest stock
 Handle enquiries from customers via chat (fast reponse)
 Process incoming order from customers on D-day
 Keep control of every shipment status, make sure it will arrive on time to destination
 Follow up with logistic (JNE, JNT, Pos, etc) for delayed shipment and update to customers
 Update to customer for restock product
 Create an idea to expand the sales
 Sales report

Languages : B. Indonesia, English, Mandarin, Hokkian, Teochew

Skill :
Microsoft office word, excel, power point, outlook.
Adobe Acrobat Pro




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