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My name is Ganis Prahasti but often called by Ganis. I was born and grew up in Pekanbaru, but actually the culture background in my family is Sundanese-Javanese. I graduated from Senior High School in 2008, then continued my study in 2009 at Institute Technology of Telkom (or now it's already changed to Engineering School of Telkom University). I took Information Engineering as my major. But I couldn't finish my study because honestly my passion wasn't there. Then I took another examination for entering another college. I passed and got the first rank at the end-result of Entrance Examination at Business School of Telkom University. I got the full-scholarship to study here.

I was doing some part-time jobs while living life as a college student with a reason I wanted to earn more pocket money. But that was wrong. I was enjoying to work more than studying at class. And until now I have an opinion that probably different from others, which is the environment you live in is the best teacher in your life. Studying at class is just make you like a robot because you learn what was write down on your text book. You're competing each other to get higher score or taking a place in your lecturer's eyes. I dislike that kind of things. Because of that, again, I decided to resign from my campus.

I am not a University-graduate, but I believe within my experiences and skills. I am a kind of person that used to learn new things by myself.

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