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Tonjoo is a dedicated WordPress development agency with over 10 years of experience developing WordPress websites, plug-ins & themes for a global client base. Tonjoo's WordPress plug-ins has been downloaded over 100,000+ times. Tonjoo's client base includes Indonesian government agencies, SME businesses & an extended list of global businesses. At Tonjoo we are a team of passionate WordPress developers, project managers and strategists based in Jakarta & Jogja (Indonesia).

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We're sure there are plenty of situations where WordPress isn't the right choice for a website. But we haven't found many. A decade ago, WordPress was just another blogging platform. Over time, it has become a powerful and flexible content management solution, supported by an active community and a flourishing ecosystem. But it hasn't lost the simplicity and ease of use which attracted so many bloggers, ourselves included, in the first place.

Bloggers just want to log in, write an article, and hit "Publish". They want to make their website their own, but they don't have an IT department on hand to help. Funnily enough, in our experience, the same tends to apply to most journalists, rock stars, marketing executives, press officers and politicians. So why not start with a platform designed for non-expert individuals?
Under the hood too, WordPress has stayed true to its roots.
It expects, in fact it encourages you to alter the way it works; and add your own custom functions into its processes. It's these hooks and filters which let us work our magic, turning it into a corporate website, a news magazine, a discussion forum, a social network, or whatever you need.
And yet it's still free to download and deploy; and you're free to export your data in an easily reusable format, if you decide you'd rather use something else.

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Anda punya perusahaan tapi belum punya website company profile? atau Anda punya website tapi tampilannya jadul dan tidak profesional? Anda sedang membaca service yang tepat! Kami Tonjoo, sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang pembuatan website profesional, menawarkan jasa pembuatan website company profile yang memukau para pengunjung. Dengan harga mulai 5 juta rupiah anda akan mendapatkan berbagai hal berikut ; - desain profesional oleh desainer senior - clean code, mudah di kustomisasi - menggunakan CMS wordpress sehingga mudah di update...

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2014: Universitas Sultan Agung is an university in Semarang, Indonesia. They have 12 faculties and several postgraduate programs. Unissula has been focusing on developing their cyber technology with cyber services program such as cyber library, cyber office, and cyber academic. Unissula trusted Tonjoo to design, develop & implement the University website in order to create brand awareness about the university

Keywords : information center, WordPress, blog, enrollment system, multiple directory, web strategy, SEO, optimization

Tonjoo’s Project Responsibilities included:

Website Strategy & Consulting
Website design from scratch
Website development from scratch
Website Hosting consulting
Website Optimization
Website SEO acts as an online hub for plethora of information related to Unissula helping students, instructors & general public all of them. The site provide every information about Unissula from profile, history, education program, to alumni network and student’s activity. This site act as one stop solution for all the information & browsers can access the latest news of Unissula & events. And for new student looking for enrollment, the site show promotional content and practical information of Unissula’s education program. Moreover we also added online enrollment system to facilitate an easy registration for every student candidate.

2014: IHS Indonesia is one of the leading hospitality school in Indonesia. IHS brand themselves international class hospitality vocational school with superiority in working placement on every level of jobs : local, national, and international.

IHS just recently engage the internet marketing with us as their partner. They want to digitalize an make online every promotional matter available including information center and registration. IHS assigned us with a task to create a helpful website for school seeker yet informative for their parents.

Keywords: school, information center, application system, news and blog

What we do?

Development of
Content Writing
Website Maintenance
Social Media Maintenance
When we create a promotional website for a school, several context come upfront. We have to ensure not just the student candidate but also their parents. Not just about the school and education itself but also the prospect, the study environment, and many other beneficial factors. In Indonesia, hospitality is not a favorite kind of education which usually underestimated by public. Yet, the desire to have a nice and prestigious job drives people. IHS offers their students not just a good education but also straight ticket to the job market.

So, we were supposed to create a website to explain those significant factor while also promoting the school environment and the city of Solo itself where the school is located. Website of provides the visitor full information about studying in IHS. We provide parent section which provide them with the fact and explanation about the advantage of studying in IHS.

On the other hand, we develop a student activity information center to show the activity and creativity of IHS students that can act as promotional stuffs. Moreover, understanding that the student has been coming from all over Indonesia, we simplify and facilitate long distant registration and application through

2014: Kraton Wedding is a sacred royal wedding at the heart of Yogyakarta’s monarchy. The last Kraton Wedding held in Yogyakarta was the royal wedding of 2013 between GKR Hayu, the first daughter of Sultan HB X with KPH Notonegoro. This big wedding was celebrated by the whole citizen of Yogyakarta as an cultural festivities and sacred ceremony.

To spread the word and displaying the richness of culture in this wedding, The Keraton institution askedus to create an online information center of the wedding. This site provides complete info on the rituals of the wedding, the wedding gallery, and even the live streaming of the event.

Keywords : information center, live streaming, event, gallery

What we do?

RSVP System
Optimizing site to hold 300 thousand hits/day
The Royal Keraton Wedding is a sacred and profound cultural festivities and ceremony to commemorate the wedding of royal members of Keraton nobility. So, more than just a wedding party, the ritual of
Kraton Wedding has a meaningful presence for the people and cultural belief in Yogyakarta. We were assigned with a task to spread the word and cultural value of the rituals through digital media.

The idea of consists of providing audience with complete information on the wedding rituals, schedule, gallery, and every material to help them getting familiar with the wedding ceremony. We created a unique homepage with bespoke design displaying the beauty of the cultural event.

The visitors of the website facilitated by complete schedule of the ceremony including the news and stories behind the rituals of the wedding. Because the ceremony was held inside the Keraton where not everyone invited and able to access, we provided a live streaming facility for the visitors. And of course we also created a fine gallery to give visual experience for the audience.

2014: It’s a multimedia era. Everything is delivered in media shape from the simple text to more sophisticated media such as poster design or video. Eux Media is a leading agency and production house in digital video.

EUX represent the end user experience, the key ingredient to communicating with customers in the most visual and effective way. We were assigned with a task to bring about a good company profile and help them explained their wide line of work in one website platform.

Keywords : information center, company profile

What we do?

Website design
HTML Slicing
Eux Media ability to create multipurpose videos has to be assisted with a good company profile and information center on their website. We created a website with sitemap enabling visitors to comprehend and learn about the services provided by Eux Media. Two categories was brought up: Corporate videos and Entertainment videos which both of them also further divided into smaller categories. This website act as a good explanator of the importance of the digital videos for the customer. Focused on showing the client point of interest and agitation, this website also equipped with persuasive section to invite visitor to the contact page.

2014: Indonesia Kreatif is a flagship program launced by goverment of Indonesia to develop creative economy in Indonesia. Indonesia Kreatif dedicated to give support and help program acceleration for government’s institution to develop creative economy and creative society in Indonesia.

This portal ( is an online collaboration and networking site established to gather and accommodate stakeholder of creative economy in Indonesia. This site encompass multiple function from news center for development of creative economy all around Indonesia to provide an online showcase for the creative industry to display their works.

Keywords: online collaboration, showcase, directory, blog

What we do?

Website Development of
Multiple WordPress Site integration
Custom user dashboard

Our client needs a platform to gather the stakeholders in creative industry. From our analysis and data provided by our client, we created a concept of one stop portal that would provide information and facilities for every stakeholders which consists of government institution, private sector, and people’s community or individual.

From the aspect of information, the stakeholder needs every update and news on creative industry so we provided a neat and pleasant news blog to keep them updated on stories, events, and highlights from Indonesia’s creative sphere. To make it more appeal, we divided the news with comprehensive categories to deliver a targeted message for the audience.

From the aspect of facilitation, we create a portal for the stakeholder so they can create their own showcase and publish their works. More than 2000 individual has joined and more than 200 community, company, and group has published their creation. We also provided the site with systematic directory so every creative practitioner can find each other and collaborate. Until now, more than 1800 artworks has been displayed in multiple format from music to video in many creative sub sectors.

2015: Good.Co is a self-discovery platform and network for a new generation of professionals looking for more meaning in their careers. It helps job seekers and employees identify their professional archetype, assess a company’s fit, and give them the tools and resources they need to find true happiness in the workplace. has been widely reported in Global Media Network as per below:-

Mashable: Good.Co lets you see how well your personality matches up with specific companies and employees
NYTimes: Good.Co is organized around helping both job seekers and employers find the right cultural fit.
FastCompany: Want a work environment that makes you happy? Find your culture fit with any company!
USNews: Don’t let the fun behind the questions let you think there isn’t any science behind it.
TIME: The eHarmony of Jobs
PandoDaily: The job-hunting lovechild of eHarmony and LinkedIn
FastCompany: How To Create Meaningful Work Relationships
Webby’s: Go from take this job and shove it to take this job and love it.”

Tonjoo developed website from scratch and is also managing its amazing blog. The whole website was made responsive to ensure that a wide audience can benifit by’s offering on various platforms. We made the site easy to navigate and it’s become the central hub for’s users and potential users. Site optimizationa and analytics was done aggressively to ensure that the site supports the increasing audience base of In addition, we also developed various promotions landing page campaigns for Tonjoo is currently dedicated WordPress partner for & its all ongoing WordPress related needs.

KeyWords: WordPress Design, Optimization, Responsiveness, Mobile, SEO, Analytics, Hosting solution, Landing pages, advertising

2015: Zerucity’s platform is designed to train you on how to create influence then monetize and capitalize on it. Zerucity have experts in the fields of marketing, leadership, writing, and many more that take its audience through the step-by-step process of actualizing your vision. The best part about the process is that one can make money along the way. Zerucity vision is to transform an idea or passion into a lucrative business through online marketing techniques that drive traffic and increase an individual’s or company’s influence in their market space.

KeyWords: WordPress Design, Optimization, Responsiveness, Mobile, SEO, Analytics, Hosting solution, Landing pages

Tonjoo developed Zerucity’s website with responsive behaviour. We made the site easy to navigate and it’s become the a center of website browsers searching for their passion in life and potential users. We structured the site so that it’s easy to find tips related to a specific topic. Currenly, Zerucity’s all things related to WordPress are supported by Tonjoo.

2015: Tonjoo Internal Management Tools (using laravel framework). Access via VPN

8 modules:
1. Report
2. Credential
3. Wiki
4. Employee Presence
5. Project
6. Salary
7. Reimburse
8. Gantt Chart




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