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  • software skills & passions 

- 3D Modelling, Google Sketchup 

- Architectural Modelling, AUTOcad 

- Layouting Graphic Design, Corel Draw 






  • Experiences & Projects 

2013 - Study at Faculty Art And Design, Institute Bandung of Technology

2014 - Understands the whole basis aesthetics of art 

2014 - Did project One Room Apartment 

2014 - Did project Living House 

2015 - Get sub mission for lobby hotel One Eleven design in Bali, Indonesia 

2015 - Studying kitchen set for one person living / one room apartment 

2015 - Did project retail design, Juice store and Cafe 

2016 - Doing project ceramics application on interior design collaboration with Mukura Ceramics

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2014: this is living house i design for college assignment, this is exactly perspective of master bedroom of the house with concept semi industrial house living.

2014: this is 2nd floor of house living i designed, roof material that i used is concrete floor and has a indirect natural lighting for saving energy system of this house concept, and this area is family area.

2014: Multi-funnctional Furniture design for user spesification. User : Architect, Illustrator, Animator, Freelancer.

2015: this is my first retail design for Fruit Store and cafe bar in one interior design, interior design is inspired by shape of fruits exatcly pineapple and apple imaging floor plan look a like.

2015: This is my design for stationery store for my faculty Interior Design, with existing floor plan

2015: This is my project to design kitchen set design for one room apartment with specific user that i should to design the kitchen set as well user specification. i designed this for user who hardworking, men gender, and this design has masculin concept.

2015: This is my sub-mission lobby design for One Eleven Hotel, Seminyak, Bali.

2015: One Room Apartment design with multi-purpose and functionall design mechanism for one person living. This design, designed by user spesification need.

2016: this is my collaboration with Mukura Ceramics products, i doing this project to application rooster (kerawangan keramik) to interior 3d modelling who designed by me.




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