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im a digital marketing, seo specialist, web designer, guitarist, dj, music arranger & composer !

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2014: ERIRM is a soloist electronic musician, the beginning of the electronic musician career base on the love of the electronic music that have been in a long time hidden. At the moment he make music projects in Genre MashUp / BigRoom / Electrohouse / DrumNBass / Dubstep.

ERIRM start his music career as a guitarist, arranger and also a composer which was start from the year 1999.

At that time, he worked as an arranger and also a music composer, who did not take shelter in a record company, or it could be called as non-exclusive publisher, so any record companies could work together and use his work.

In year 2000, he make another step in his music career, at the time he was an Artist Project Producer and also he was made music projects together with his friends and partner in music ; Aribias and Emilbias, which have the same vision and mission in music, and a goal to reach the center of Indonesian Music Industry which state in Jakarta, the Capital city of Indonesia. They was made music projects which are able to offer and used by any record companies.

By the time goes by, finally a well-known record company in Indonesia offer him a job as exclusive composer in their recording company, he able to make music with the length of time musics that he usually for this record company, beside that he used to make musics for TV/Media Broadcasts from jingle musics, advertisement, until wide screen or movie musics.

Below are the works that ERIRM created :


• Venche (Jazz of School) 1997 - 2002
• Management, Artist GIGS BAND PT.Aquarius Musikindo 2003 - 2004
• Arranged & Composer (Music Publisher PT.Aquarius Musikindo) 2004 -2010
• Arranged & Producer Boding 13 Ex.Voc.Shifter All Composed Boding13 & Thomas GIGI 2004
• Arranged.Artist Sophia Latjuba, Menyerah Composed Pongky Jikustik PT.Blackboard 2005
• Arranged Artist Sophia Latjuba, Kutemukan Composed Pongky Jikustik PT.Blackboard 2005
• Arranged Artist Happy Salma, Disini, Composed Adam Sheila on 7 PT.Blackboard 2005
• Arranged & Composed Mereka Sungguh Ada, The Movie – Transinema TRANS TV, Music Producer Emil Bias, 2006
• Arranged & Composed DUNIA LAIN, Voc.Che Cupumanik by Transinema TRANS TV 2006
• Arranged SAUNAKA BAND Producer by Emilbias (Sinetron Dewa Prod.Trans TV) 2006
• Arranged .Artist Jimmy Song Title: Sekali Lagi Composed: Aribias PT.EMI Music Ind, 2006
• Arranged Artist Jimmy Song Title: Kau Bintangku Composed: Aribias PT.EMI Music Ind,2006
• Arranged.Judika Indonesia Idol, Bukan Salah Kita, Composed: Aribias PT.SonyBMG 2006
• Arranged.Judika Indonesia Idol, Song Title: Ketulusan, Composed: Aribias PT.SonyBMG 2006
• Arranged.Marcell Repackage 2nd Composed: erirm & Emilbias PT.Warner Music Ind 2006, unreleased
• Arranged GROGI Band, Song Title: “Happy Birthday”, Benny Contoh Management Composed: Fikri Saunaka 2006
• Arranged GROGI Band, Benny Contoh Management, Song Title: Bintang, Composed: Dewi Rae 2006
• Arranged & Composed, Artist Conny Constantia, Song Title: Percuma, Producer Emilbias 2006
• Arranged Erirm Bebi (Soloist) Composed:Aribias PT.SonyBMG 2006
• Arranged: Erirm & Piel, FTV.Hikayah, Artist: Yunika, Composed:Emilbias, Produksi Trans TV 2007
• Artist: Shanty 3rd Album, Music Arrangement Unreleased 2007
• Lusy Rachmawati, “Cinta Bodoh”, Composed: Erirm & Emilbias, Arranged by.Yovie Widianto 2007
• Audio Person Music Engineer, Technical & Services Department TRANS TV 2007
• Jeany, Guitar Arranged: Erirm, Arr.Yudi Caffeine, Producer: Ronald HP, Getah Record 2013
• Recording, Music Director Cupumanik Album Menggugat 2014 @ERIRM Studio
• ERIRM Album Project Processing Released on Heiligenhafen – Germany 2014


• Design & Photography, Master CD/Cassette GIGS 1st Album, PT.Aquarius Musikindo 2003
• Design & Photography, Master CD/Cassette BODING13, PT.Otomato Record 2003
• Video Clip, Boding13, “Terapung”, Composed: Thomas GIGI, Sutradara: GANANK 2004
• Sinetron DEWA as Edi Gombink, Prod.Transinema Trans TV 2004
• Mixing Album 12 Indie Compilation, Sampoerna Mild & Radio Nuansa FM 2006


• Ku Tak Sanggup (Kris Dayanti – Warner Music) 1998
• Kini (Yunika – Warner Music) 2000
• Jangan pergi (Kris Dayanti – Warner Music) 2000
• Bilang saja, Tak bisa (Agnes Monica – Aquarius) 2003

• Bukan milikmu lagi, Ku di sini (ost Sinetron Pink – RCTI) 2005
• Takkan Sampai Disini (Agnes Monica – Aquarius) 2005
• Jangan pernah tinggalkan (Memes – Aquarius) 2002
• Arti cintamu (Ressa Herlambang – Sony Music) 2008

• Hanya untukmu [ost Saus Kacang] (Bunga Citra Lestari – Aquarius) 2009
• Ketulusan (Reza Artamevia – Aquarius) 2009
• Kau cintaku [ost Dawai 2 Asmara] (Delon – Falcon) 2010

• Bukan yang pertama (Arie & the Project – Falcon) 2011


• Recording, Music Director Cupumanik Album Menggugat 2014 @ERIRM Studio
• ERIRM Album Project Processing Released on Heiligenhafen – Germany 2014

WWW.ERIRM.COM // E-mail: [email protected]
Official +6282177777077




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