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Hi there, I am herein trying to broaden relation among people who need helps with my skill; my skill involves language, significantly both English and Bahasa Indonesia. Below are the lists of skills I specialize in that you may be interested and/or needed:

1.    Writing

I write article both in Bahasa Indonesia and English for various purposes with such consideration that perhaps needs to discuss. I encourage people who give me this commission to provide the details regarding the stuff I will later work on (this is needed in order to avoid misunderstanding and unwanted outcomes). Further info will be negotiable during the project.

2. Translating

I’ve been working in this field for about (more or less) four years since I started studying in college, so that I have already gained enough experience in it. I translate works from English to Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa (means from Bahasa Indonesia to English either) with different payment. I translate manually, by manual I mean I am doing translation WITHOUT depending on machine such as Google translator throughout; but I may use it as an aid with several additional devices like English and Bahasa Indonesia dictionaries. I assure my works will be comprehensive and meet your demand. The fee will be calculated depend on the pages after being translated, it may be negotiable but still considering the standardized payment for translation. The works I accept, as follows:

a.    Article

b.    Children books

c.    Text books

d.    Journal

e.    Etc..

I may not translate every technical term I am not familiar with (some terms remain best as its original or I will put an explanation on un-translated term), but I surely do research on it to get the best understanding.

3. Proofreading/Editing

I enjoy doing proofreading and/or editing jobs. You may need me to proofread your writing to make sure your writing at its best form. The proofreading process is limited to grammar check/correction and punctuation WITHOUT seeing into the idea of writing and comprehensiveness (coherence) among sentences and paragraphs. Editing on the other hand, checks and rectifies the whole aspect of a text: grammar, punctuation, ideas, dictions and the coherence among sentences and paragraphs. Make it comprehensive and compelling! I herein mostly prefer editing English texts to Bahasa Indonesia. Again, the payment will be different for each of services and may be negotiable.

4. Copy Writing

This skill is about how to write good ads (advertisement), but here I am not specializing in ad-design rather the content and Idea. I create the elements of an ads such as:

a.    Headline

b.    Sub-headline

c.    Tagline

d.    Copy/description of the product

e.    Etc…

Fundamental aspects that must exist in ads that significantly involve writing skill, and the rest such as design I leave to another expert. I will consider to work as a team in this field, do not hesitate to pop me in! I would love to participate. I may need to discuss extensively regarding the product I write advertisement for, so that there is neither misunderstanding nor misconception. For further information, we will discuss later when you hire me for your project!

5. Interpreting, LO, Tour guide

These fields are not classified as a take-home job, these require certain agreement and appointment for the jobs are mainly hold at a particular event. I interpret from source language, English to target language, Bahasa Indonesia and/or vice versa. I may or may not take the offer/job, it depends mainly on location whether or not it is ‘possible’ as well as reachable from my residence. For further info, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail:

•    [email protected]

•    R Puspita ([email protected] at facebook)

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