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I Love a Clean & Playful Design that Heightens Audience Awareness

I am a Jakarta based graphic design entrepreneur that focuses on branding, packaging, and print design. I have worked closely with both local and international clients to produce detail oriented creative solutions that fit the need of each project.

Perseverance, perfectionism, and passion are traits that I value; it drives me to produce BIG ideas from challenges that help my clients and myself grow.

Graphic Design Logo Design Adobe PhotoShop Adobe Illustrator Web Programming PHP Wordpress E-Commerce Web Design Adobe Indesign

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2009: Project Name: Staples
Project Deliverables: Logo Design, Packaging

The new design for Staples packaging system focuses on approachability, with an emphasis on professionalism, through its structural flexibility and natural materials. The package’s angular shapes aid in overall functionality. The new color system (white, grey, and yellow) defines clean and modern, yet professional office environment.

2011: Project Name: Meon Picture Maker
Project Deliverables: Packaging, Toy Artwork

Under the supervision of Disney and Skyrocket™, a group of designers create Meon, an interactive toy for children. Pick your favorite character and follow the instruction to light it up with neons. Play the sound, enjoy the motion, and play the matching games! In this project, I'm responsible in creating characters artworks, neon templates, packaging, and instructions.

2013: Project Name: Julius Bramanto Photography
Project Deliverables: Logo Design, Stationery

Logo & identity design for Julius Bramanto, a fashion & commercial photographer.

2014: Project Name: Vasham
Project Deliverable: Website Design

A website design for Vasham, a social enterprise that provides Indonesian smallholder farmers with the financing, expertise, and income security they need to achieve significantly better standards of living.

2015: Project Name: Miink
Project Deliverables: Logo & Identity Design, Stationery, Packaging, Product Display, Marketing Collaterals

An Identity design and packaging for Miink, a luxurious mink lash brand in Indonesia. The playful water-colour brush effect combined with simple typography layout displays boldness yet sophistication to the brand.

2015: Project Name: Ecoldstorage
Project Deliverables: Logo Design, Company Profile

A corporate brochure design for Ecoldstorage, a cold-storing solution provider in Indonesia. The bright colours combined with black & white imagery, as well as a structural typography layout, gives a fresh and modern approach for the cold-storing industry.

2015: Project Name: G-Resources
Project Deliverable: Sustainability Report

A sustainability report design for G-Resources, an Asia-Pacific gold company based in Hong Kong.

2016: Project Name: Semarak Group
Project Deliverable: Company Profile

Redesigning 2016 company profile for Semarak Group, an oil and gas company based in Indonesia.

2016: Project Name: Harper House
Project Deliverable: Website Design

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