msoetomo (msoetomo)



Operating System / Server
Windows Server 2003 / 2008 R2 (Terminal Services, TS Web Acces, RIS/WDS, WSUS, Hyper-V, Active Directory)
Linux Ubuntu, RedHat, Centos  (Mysql, PostgresSQL, Apache, Proxy Squid, SVN, Samba4 AD)
Mail Server (Iredmail, Zimbra)
Storage Server(Nas4Free, Cloud Server, NFS, Gluster FS, iSCSI, Samba)
Monitoring Tools (Nagvis, Ganglia, OCS Inventory)
Application Server (Tomcat/JBOSS EAP)
VM-Ware (ESXi & VSphere, VM-Workstation, VDI, Converter)
Proxmox (Clustering, Live migration, High Availability)
RHEV (Clustering, Live migration, High Availability)

MySQL, DBA & PL-SQL (Store Procedure, View, Trigger, Automation Backup & Restore, Replication, Tuning)
Microsoft SQL Server,  DBA & PL-SQL  (Store Procedure, View, Trigger,Automation Backup & Restore, Partition, Replication, Tuning)

Shell Scripting (Bash, Bat)
Delphi 7, XE3, XE5 (Database, Network, Win API)
Networking & Other
Mikrotik (Firewall, Routing, VPN, Web Proxy)
Microsoft Office,Windows Desktop,  HRIS (ProInt HRIS)

Delphi XE/XE2 Database Programming MySQL PostgreSQL Delphi Mikrotik Windows Server Linux Administration SQL Server

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