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Programming skills :

-          Have strong basic understanding in web design and programming ,HTML,CSS, Javascript and PHP

-          Have good understanding in OOP concept programming language as like Java and C++

-          Have Strong Understanding in computational algorithms

-          Have good knowledge and understanding in Database system

-          Have understanding in CI(codeigniter framework) and 2 way encryption using PHP

-          Have understanding  in Laravel 5.3

-          Have good understanding on Javascript,jquery and AJAX

-          Have basic knowledge on bootstrap template

-          Understand mechanism of front-end and back-end integration

-          Have experience in making ERP system using jquery and alpaca API

-          Understand the mechanism of business process

-          Understand the concept of data sanitation and filtering using regex(regular expression)

-          Have fundamental on R programming related to data science, data mining and Business Intelligence

-          Understanding the basic hierarchy of Database Clustering

-          Understand matlab and Phyton scripting language for data processing and analysis

-          Server Side pagination using Smart Table and Angular Js

-          Have good understating on C# for Computer Vision and Neural network application using emguCV and Aforge/Afford

Artificial Intelligence :

            Research Projects :

            NLP and Data Analysis

-          Summarizer berdasarkan Sentence Similarity yang diukur dengan Semantic Nets dan Corpus Statistics menggunakan algoritma graph Pagerank sebagai penentu kalimat dengan link terelevan

-          Traffic Tweets Post Prediction using neural network/machine Learning

-          English Clitic’s stemmer


Computer Vision :

-          Computing stereo algorithm using 8 points algorithm in matlab

-          Calculating and plotting Histogram Equalization using emgucv and C#

Recents Project :

-          Form Builder with CRUD feature for creating form , editing form and filling form.

-          Asset Management

-          Project Management for assignment

-          API to extract cart data from lazada checkout page

Working Experience :

-          (July 2016 – September 2016)

 Web Programmer in developing ERP system in PT.Oze Mitra Nusantara(Powerswitch)

-          ( Oktober 2016 –  November 2016),

-          Desember 2016

-          (March 2017 – February 2018)

Internship as

Data Management Lab

Samsung R&D Indonesia(SRIN)


Attachment/Portfolio :

Python Web Programming JavaScript jQuery CodeIgniter C# Web Design Laravel Framework AngularJS Matlab

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