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User Name: Shalahuddin
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Date Registered: 20/04/2015 14:21:15 WIB
Provinsi: Lampung
Kabupaten: Kota Bandar Lampung
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1. Rural Plantations Cost of Production Analysis at Lampung Province; 1999.
2. Rural industry of Cassava Flour (ITTARA - Industri Tepung tapioka Rakyat) Programme Evaluation at Lampung Province; 1999.
3. Feasibility Studies for Nucleus-Plasma Plantations Project for Coffee Plantations at Pulau Panggung districts, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung Province; 2000.
4. Evaluation of Desaku Maju Sakai Sambayan - Gerakan Kembali ke Desa (DMSS_GKD) Programme at Lampung Province in 2000.
5. Finance and Management Restructuring at PT DKU; Freight Forwarder; 2001.
6. Analysis of Original Income Potency Tulang Bawang Region; 2001.
7. Optimized Budget as Tools of Planning and Controlling; Case Study at PTPN 7 Business Unit of Way Berulu in 2001.
8. Finance and Management Consultancy for PussBIK, one of Non Government Organization at Bandar Lampung, as USAID Block Grant Mandatory; 2002.
9. Feasibility Studies of New Silo, jetty, and Mixing Plant Installation to Increase Production Capacity; 2006.
10. Management Restructuring and Bad Debt Controlling Strategy for one of Rural Banking, Bandar Lampung; 2008.
11. Feasibility Studies for Electrical Power Plant using Biogas from Tapioca water waste at PT WKAP;2008.
12. Corporate Action Analysis at PT WKAP; 2009.
13. Feasilibility Studies for Cattle Breeding Projects to Anticipate Government Policies for Cattle and Buffalo Meats self-sufficiency in 2014; 2010.
14. Optimized of Use of Assets and Financed Strategy for Achieving Optimum Economic Value-added Ratio at PT BSP Jambi 2 Business Units; 2011.
15. Preparing Hotel re-branding and restructuring Management at PT Wira Intiland Nusantara; 2014-2015.




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