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User Name: ArkanFadhil
Account Type: Personal Account
Date Registered: 26/01/2017 11:37:04 WIB
Last Seen: 19/11/2023 22:46:21 WIB
Provinsi: Jawa Tengah
Kabupaten: Kab. Banyumas
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Point of Sales (POS) / Aplikasi Kasir

Rp 500,000     
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Aplikasi kasir / POS, bisa sambungkan ke barcode dan perangkat anda, bisa sekalian installkan jarak jauh melalui remote, mendata dari pembelian sampai penjualan hingga terlihat detail laba/rugi penjualannya, multi akun (setiap karyawan toko punya akunnya masing2 dan dapat terdata masing2 karyawan berapa jualannya). *Harga yang tertera adalah harga aplikasi POS belum dengan jasa install, yang anda dapatkan adalah aplikasi pos itu sendiri, aplikasi pendukung POS, panduan installasi dan panduan penggunaan...

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2018: I developed a Material Monitoring System for Projects that manages raw material data for companies engaged in contractors. Materials in the office and on the project will be recorded, not only that this application also records project profits, expenses, wholesale employees to produce a profit and loss statement

2019: In this project, I developed a Point of Sale (POS) application which is often referred to as a cashier application, which functions as software to support direct transactions with sellers. The application that I made contains everything from purchasing goods, price markups, discounts per customer per item, sales reports to profit and loss statements

2021: I developed an LMS which is an information system to cover online learning needs, starting from uploading materials from teachers that can be downloaded by students, quizzes, taking exams and reports on test scores and quizzes that have been calculated automatically through the system based on the number of correct answers students have taken.

2022: My umpteenth project is working on a web-based application that manages evidence data from the audit of a judicial institution in Indonesia, I create an application to manages a checklist of jobdesc to be audited then each checklist is accessed by the relevant user, in this case There are 18 levels of access provided and can be added and reduced through the admin panel, very dynamic and the contents of the checklist can be adjusted according to the access rights. In the end, the audit report will be displayed accompanied by a link that leads to the uploaded evidence, checklist document These can be downloaded in the form of pdf, excel, regular reports... at the time of filling out the checklist, a monitoring feature is also provided for filling out evidence.

2022: Auto Reminder (Notifia)
As the name suggests, Notifia is a system that I developed as a reminder of the trial schedule to parties who convene automatically every morning independently through a server without the help of officers. which is held online.

2022: The Inventory Monitoring System that I developed can track all incoming and outgoing goods activities at the company, record requests for consumables from each division, their distribution and purchases to produce a trial balance and inventory report that is easy to track.



Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Kerjanya cepat, hasilnya bagus dan yang terpenting worker sangat jujur bahkan tidak keberatan saya monitor semalaman melalui remote desktop, worker menjelaskan alur chatbot berjalan mulai dari installasi sampai koneksi ke aplikasi saya, saya yang awam jadi sedikit paham bagaimana sistem tersebut bisa berjalan. Worker juga sangat sabar menuruti saya yang ingin mencoba di komputer satu dan komputer lain, memperbaiki erornya sampai tuntas... 

Terimakasih semoga lancar selalu rezekinya, next project pasti saya ikutkan.

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

pekerjaan bagus, sangat memuaskan, worker ramah banget, recomended banget lah

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