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Learning a language is fun. Enjoy the fun, if you are willing to develop your skill in speaking in English. 

To develop any kind of skill, need time and effort to practice repeatedly. 

I'll help you besides the usual conversation,  your specific need, for example, for a certain profession or occupation. 

Wide Job Market Staying out of Your Reach

The local and international job market is getting wider for internet users, for people like you.  And, English is the most spoken language.  

While you can see, a large number of Blogs, Websites, Social Media, or Graphics design need the English language, as a primary or secondary language. 

Communication Skill

And, because of communication, you may pull back to proceed. Therefore, you may delay building your side career or main career as a writer. 

Most likely, you can read well, also you can write good but, you hesitate and feel shy to speak in English with others. In this situation, you can count me to guide and assist you to develop. 

Hire Me to Improve

You can hire me to improve your ability to speak in English. 

Meanwhile, I am developing a few blogs and eCommerce/ Online shops, and I am using the English language. 

I'll love to work with you to develop your English speaking ability. 

Thank you

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