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I am a Software Engineer for six years. Im have experience on Start Up and Enterprise Company. Currently, I am a freelance full-stack developer. Im Indie Hacker Wanna Be.

The programming languages that I often use are:
1. Javascript, React.Js, Node.Js
2. Python
3. Recently very interested in learning Rust

the framework that I use often:
1. Next.Js,
2. Gatsby.Js,
3. Express.Js,
4. Redwood.Js,
5. Django.
6. Strapi.Js

The database I've used
1. Mongodb,
2. Mysql,
3. Sqlite3,
4. Postgresql.
5. FaunaDB,
6. DynamoDB

I have also been interested in Jamstack and Serverless lately.

Graphic Design Programming Python PostgreSQL JavaScript Django Framework Web Design NodeJS MongoDB ReactJS

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2020: Website Sekolah Tinggi menggunakan Reactjs , gatsby framework




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