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Have experience for Operating System such as RedHat Enterprise Linux,

SuSeLinux Enterprise, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Zentyal,

OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and SUN Solaris 10 also Windows Server 2003 – 2008.

Have experience for IT Security : Establish System Security Hardening, Penetration

test on system / network and give recommendation, Helping of IT Security area of the Bank,

SELinux, SSL,Public/Private keys, etc.

Have experience for Network Security Tools: BackTrack / KALI Linux, Snort (IDS-Intrusion

Detection Systems), Nessus, Nmap, RKHunter, Chrootkit, IP Filter,etc.

Have experience for Amazon Web Service (AWS) : Amazon EC2.

Have experience Anti-Virus Enterprise Protection like Kaspersky Enterprise AV, Sophos

Enterprise AV, ESSET Enterprise AV, & Symantec Endpoint Enterprise.

Have experience for Web Server : Apache, Nginx , JBOSS, Weblogic, Lighttpd

Have experience for PHPFPM, HHVM, PHP7.

Have Depth Knowledge for Email Server such as Iredmail, Zimbra, Postfix and Qmail. Have Depth

Knowledge for DNS Server (PowerDNS, Unbound, BIND, DJBDNS),

Have Depth Knowledge for Proxy / Squid Server,

Have experience Virtualization : Vmware ESXi. Proxmox Virtual Environment, KVM.

Have experience Monitoring Server : Nagios, Cacti, Ntop, Munin, Zenoss, Manage Engine

(AppMan & OpMan), Smokeping, Observium etc.

Have experience Web-Admin Tools: WHM / CPanel, Webmin, ISPConfig.

Have experience for Linux High Availability/Clustering/Load Balancing (Heartbeat , HAProxy,


Have experience for Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP).

Have experience Database Server : MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL.

Have experience Storage server : EMC (SAN), QNAP (NAS), Synology (NAS).

Linux MySQL Embedded Linux Linux Programming Networking Ubuntu Penetration Testing Linux Administration Nginx Network Security

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2008: Project Dikmenum Depdiknas

Installation & Configuration Servers for Application, Email server, etc.

2009: Project PKBL BUMN

Installation & Configuration for 12 server production.

2009: Project Siwasdanas Itjen Depdagri

Installation & Configuration Servers for Application Siwasdanas.

2010: Project Prepaid Banking Systems for TRANS CORP

- Responsible for Project Prepaid Banking Systems for TRANS CORP, mainly for Prepaid Server (Setup, Maintenance and Monitoring) and Oracle Database (Maintenance, Monitoring and Backup) assisted by vendor.

2011: Project Internet Banking Systems for PT. Bank Mega Tbk

- Responsible for Project Migration Internet Banking Systems, mainly for SSL Server and Weblogic Server (Setup, Maintenance and Monitoring).

2011: Project E-Channel Banking Systems for PT. Bank Mega Tbk

- Responsible for Proswitching Server, Prepaid Server and Autopay Server (Setup, Maintenance, Monitoring and Backup).

2015: Data Center Migration.

Whole wide system application worse impact prevention, zero downtime approach for high traffic website.




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