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I'm Eveline,
I'm a left handed Graphic Designer who never lose the desire to learn and improve my talents.
I believe being good at something means putting your all into work and I always give 100% in all I do.
A side from my life as a designer, I'm also a beauty and fashion enthusiast, blogger, and a music lover.
I love to explore new things, making new friend, and traveling.

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2013: Back then, Netherlands stayed for quite a long time in Indonesia.
During that time, colonial man allowed to have a temporary wife or unofficial wife in Indonesia.
That's because womankind don't have a right and they should respect the higher social status at that time.
Even when the colonial man ended up marrying netherlands woman, the Indonesian woman and their child have to forget and pretend that they never know each other forever.
The story begin when the lady of Netherlands, Mrs. Van Holstein was trying to get rid of Indonesian girl who fell in love with
her son, Henry Dam.
It appears that this Indonesian girl, Siti Mariah is a daughter of Elout Van Hogerveldt and Sarinem which is clear that she's not an official child of that colonial man.
Even during that time, Mrs. Van Holstein asked the Shaman to do anything to get rid of that girl.
At the end, Henry Dam and Siti Mariah back together as one.
I must say somehow old fashioned love story can inspired us to bring out this Netherlands untold story and share this
unofficial picture of Mrs. Van Holstein.

2013: The concept is about a girl who lived in a colonialism era where she had unofficial relationship with the man she loved. But then, the man murdered her, and she can't leave the world because of the memories she holded. And here she is, holding the memories wandering around endlessly.




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