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IT enthusiast dan berkecimpung di dunia IT kurang lebih 20 tahun, expert di network, system dan hosting. Posisi saat ini sebagai Head of NOC di salah satu ISP di Surabaya. 

Skills :

Cisco : 

- Router series 2600,3900,7200 and switch series 2950,2970,3560

- Routing protocol using static and dynamic (RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP)

- Subnetting / VLSM VLAN & Inter VLAN communication Trunking & VLAN trunking protocol

-  DHCP NAT RSTP Firewall using access-list (ACL) PBR & IP SLA

Mikrotik :

- Routing Tunneling using PPTP, EOIP, IPtoIP Hotspot DHCP server Firewall using filter rules

- Point to point and point to multipoint using EOIP tunnel & WDS Failover using multiple gateway -

-  Qos using simple queue

-  VLAN Mangle

Others : Juniper, Fortigate, HP Procurve 

Linux :

- Cpanel

- Load Balancer using Balance and Linux Virtual Server (LVS)

- Clustering using heartbeat

- Mail server (SMTP, POP, & IMAP) using qmail, postfix, and zimbra

- Anti spam server using maia mailguard

- Network monitoring softwares like Nagios, cacti, MRTG, PRTG 

- DNS using bind

Linux CPanel Networking Linux Administration Network Security

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