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Halo recruiters! Perkenalkan kami adalah Realism AR/VR Studio, sebuah Game Studio Indonesia yang memiliki fokus dalam pengembangan aplikasi dan game, khususnya aplikasi dan game berbasis teknologi Reality seperti Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality,  dan Mixed Reality. 

Realism AR/VR Studio sendiri telah memiliki banyak pengalaman profesional dalam pengembangan aplikasi dan game berbasis teknologi Reality ataupun non-Reality selama lebih dari 4 tahun. Selama itu, kami telah bekerja sama dengan berbagai klien dari penjuru dunia seperti United State, Australia,India, Indonesia, dan masih banyak lagi.

Kepercayaan klien kepada kami telah membangung Realism AR/VR Studio sebagai developer terpercaya dalam pengembangan aplikasi dan game yang dibutuhkan oleh klien.

Programming Game Programming Mobile Programming Multimedia Programming Windows Programming C# Unity 3D Unreal Engine Desktop Programming

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2016: Karatrash is an Android platform Educational Games (Edugame). The main idea delivered by this games is how we separate some kind of trash to be grouped specifically. In this game there are 2 type of trash, organic trash and non-organic trash. We want to educate user especially kid ages user so they know there are 2 types of trash and each type has it own recycle advantages. For example, organic trash could be use for natural fertilizer production, and non-organic trash can be recycled into multi functional bags.

2017: Jaranan Vs Barong is an Android platform game. Evade the falling obstacle and save the people who falling from the sky. Collect power up to fight an epic Boss!

Game Feature :
- High Score
- Platformer Movement
- Character Dashing Skill
- Power Up
- Boss Fight
- Endless level
- Tap - tap gameplay

2018: Project Source :

Game Details
Genre : Endless, Survival, Car, Driving
Platform : Android
Client Feature :
- Banner Ads
- Rewarded Ads
- Video Ads
- Saved In Game Progression
- Idle Game Progression (When the game isn't opened).
- Driving Physics
- Drift Particle Effects
- Car Driving Control
- Wave Level System
- And many more

2018: Project Source :

Game Description : A combination of 2D platformer type game with problem solving of mathematics question. Player have to pick the right apple that contain the correct answer corresponding to the provided problem or question to reach the win condition. There will be several apples on different position on the map. Player have to move from one platform to another platform, avoiding obstacle and enemy to get in the apple position, and pick the right answer of apple.

Game Details :
Platform : PC and Mac
Genre : Platformer, Mathematics, Educational Game
Client Features :
- Platform Movement Controller
- Mathematics expression problem solving
- Health System
- Obstacle
- AI System
- Level System
- Lock and Unlocked Level System

2018: Tap Knights is a casual android games. The gameplay is easy to play, player just have to tap tap the screen on the enemy (Evil Knight)

Game Genre : Casual, Endless
Game feature :
- Endless level
- Easy Gameplay (Tap Tap)
- Highscore System
- AI Pathfinding




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