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Saya seorang Web Designer yang juga merangkap sebagai Front End Developer dengan pengalaman 3 tahun dalam dunia web design/development manily focus pada UI/UX design dan Responsive/MObile First Design.

Sebagai seorang designer/ developer saya membantu klien saya untuk mendesain dan men-develop tampilan antarmuka dari halaman-halaman website mereka agar dapat menghasilkan sebuah tampilan yang sejalan dengan goal mereka serta menyediakan pengalaman user  yang memuaskan bagi target audience yang dituju.

Finished Projects : Official Website dari 

  1. Majalah Grazia Indonesia (
  2. Majalah Estetica Indonesia (
  3. Majalah Bestlife Indonesia 
  4. Menshealth Indonesia 
  5. Majalah Womenshealth Indonesia
  6. Femina Career (
  7. PT Trans Artha Gemilang

Adobe PhotoShop Adobe Illustrator JavaScript jQuery Web Design HTML CSS Bootstrap UI Design

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2016: is the official website of Grazia Indonesia Magazine, one of magazines owned by Femina Group Company.
The main goal of the website is to be a online lifestyle magazine that delivers informations and news on fashion, beauty and entertainment. On this project, I was in charge to redesign and recreate the interface. This was my favourite projects so far.
I managed to create the interface by doing a research about the website visitor and readers. So that i could create an interface that was not just suitable for a high end online magazine, but more importantly to be a website that has a user centered design concept in it.

2016: is the official website of Bestlife Indonesia Magazine. It is one of the magazines that were owned by Femina Group.
This was actually a re-vamp project for the previously existed website. I was in charge for designing the website interfaces and transform them into working web page to meet the main goals of this project that is to create a more attractive and responsive interface with a good performance.

2017: Estetica Indonesia is one of the magazines owned by company Femina Group. It is a magazine that delivers new product informations, exhibition news, photo collections, step-by-steps, as well as the very latest in hair trends.
My role in this project is to be a web designer and also the front end developer. This is my final project while i was working in Femina Group.
This is actually the first website for Estetica magazine. Based on the research from their magazine. I manage to transform the main characteristic of their magazine, that is very images based, into a online magazine interface that uses gallery like concept, with large image sections and bold colors.
With the use of large images, website performance like loading page is another main focus. That's why images and external source (css, script etc.) were compressed and minified so that they wont bother the experience that users have on the website.

2017: is the official website of Men's Health Indonesia magazine. It is one of websites owned by Femina Group Company. This was a re-vamp project for the previous existed website.
As a Web Designer and also a Front End Developer, I was in charge of designing the website interface and transforming them into a working web page code.
The main goal of this project was to make the website to be more attractive and be responsive (mobile friendly) without reducing the website performance.




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