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My name is Ersa Fidya Wijayantri. I'm a 27 years old female. I graduated my study from English Literature Department, UNISMA BEKASI in 2010 and Management Major of Faculty of Economy,Open University, Jakarta in 2013.  

Because of my defects on my right hand and right foot, I have become a freelance English - Indonesian Translator for 4 years. I have translated formal documents, brochure, transcription, a chapter of a book, and I have written a personal statement and a motivation letter.

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2015: Notebook Etable Laptop Desk
A super portable desk which uses a fiber plastic material. It is equipped by a double cooling fan and a lever, height adjusment, mousepad, and usb cable.
Notebook Etable Laptop Desk
Kind : Notebook Laptop’s Desk
Availability: Available
Recently, a laptop / notebook’s desk has a new inovation where there are so many full features to solve duty / work easier.
Regular Price: IDR 158,000,00.
Special Price: IDR 99,000,00.
Quantity: 1.
Buy Now
Detailed Description:
This desk was made of the strongest special plastic material, but, light. It is easy to be folded and carried in a trip. It only needs 15 seconds to install and save. It is suitable for own use, as a gift, or reselling.
This desk is equipped by the feet which able to set the height of the desk or the tilt position of the laptop to bring a maximal comfort to the users. So as your laptop doesnt feel the heat,the desk is equipped by the double cooling fan which can be plugged to the notebook’s usb.
Equipped by:
Beverages mat
Pen case
Doube cooling fan

Full specifications:
Measure: 56 x 31,6 x 31 cms
Height : 0 – 31cms
Weight : 2 kgs.
Antam’s Gold
Kind : Antam’s Gold
Availability: available
The Antam’s Bar of Gold (Certified)
Price : IDR 503,000,00.
o 1 gram
o 2 grams + IDR 563,000,00
o 2.5 grams+ IDR 745,000,00
o 3 grams + IDR 1,006,000,00
o 4 grams + IDR 1,509,000,00
o 5 grams +IDR 2,027,000,00
o 10 grams + IDR 4,617,000,00
o 25 grams + IDR 12,237,000,00
o 50 grams + IDR 24,887,000,00
o 100 grams + IDR 49, 937,000,00
o Must be filled.
Price : IDR 503,000,00
Quantity: 1
Buy Now
Detailed Description:
We sell Antam’s legal certificated gold. It has a fluctuative price based on the recently price.

Polarized UV and Night Driving Glasses
Kind : RGF 1501
Availability : available

These contain of two eyeglasseses. There are an anti – UV radiation glasses and a night vision glasses. The polarized glasses is useful to be blotting out the reflection of light and help to add the contrast at the night.
Price : IDR 188,000,00
Quantity: 1
Buy Now

Detailed Description:
The polarized glasses is useful to be blotting out the reflection on the object / things which can reflect the light. For example: the bedazzled reflection of light in the water, the refection of the dashboard on the miror’ s car / windshield, etc. It also help you to add the contrast of the color.

A package of glasses consists of two glasseses which are an anti – UV radiation glasses and a night vision glasses which is useful to help to increase the contrast illuminance at night and to filter an excessive illuminance. These is equipped by a clip to save the glasses easier.

These are suitable for gift,the rider of bicycle, car, motor, truck – increasing the comfort and safety in the outdoor activities – in the beach, mountain, fishing, camping, bicycling, hiking, etc.

Full Specification:
The width of the glasses can be adjusted 14 -16 cms
Weight: 100 grams.

The Digital Car Watch
Kind : The Digital Car Watch
Availability : available

This digital car watch has a fully feature and also easy to set in many kinds of cars.
Price : IDR 188,000,00
Quantity : 1
Buy Now

Detailed Description:
This LED digital watch is easy to set in the dashboard / the hole of air conditioner of your car. It is equipped by an alarm to remember the special events such as time to pray, activities, or important duties while you are in the trip. It works with a lithium battery and the solar power. Thus, you don’t need the cable of electricity’s installation, can put the date, month, year forward in the 24 hours or 12 hours format while you are riding at night and you can see clearly with LED lamps.

It is suitable for gift and all kinds of cars.
Easy Install – Easy to install
Hold Tight – Adhere strongly
Alarm – Can be minimal withdraw for four minutes
Chime / Hour – Rings every 1 hour as a time reminder
Stopwatch – Count the travelled time
Dualpower – Equipped by a battery which is chargeable with solar power. So, it is long lasting.
LED – LED lamps to abridge your vision at the bright night, but, slow
Digital – A non – battery system / solar charger/ solar power

Full Specification
The dimension of measure (outside) 5 x 5 cms (Height x Width)
Weight : 200 grams

T 90, a 4 Simcards’ cellphone

Name : Tiphone T90
Availability: available
4 simcards in a cellphone is very economically in the expenditure and it is practical in use.
Price : IDR 995,000,00
Quantity : 1
Buy Now

Detailed Description
You can be economically in the telephone expenditure with this cellphone. The 4 GSM simcards can be on and standby in the one time.

Brand TiPhone
Network Quad SIM GSM 900 / 1800
Style Candybar
Colors Black
Release Date -
Length 110 mm
Width 58 mm
Thickness 13 mm
Weight -

Type LCD
Size 2.2 inches
Colors -
Internal -
External microSD

3G -
WiFi -
Bluetooth -
Main Yes
Front -

Operating System -
CPU MTK 6253
Messaging MMS
Radio Yes
Browser Yes
Games Yes
Java Yes



Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (7/10)

masih seperti terjemahan google translate, terpaksa revisi sendiri

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