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Compile English Articles


I need 20 articles. Each of article has to consist of 900 words. There is no originality demanded. All you have to do is find topics that related to lifestyle and/or culinary. After that, find several articles with the similar topic. Compile all of them into one article. Yes, just copy paste it. But make sure, the article will be easy to read and understand by the reader. 

Just do paraphrase a bit, at the beginning. Put illustration picture above, you can google it, with size 1:1. Do not forget to put the source below the article. 

Please please check with Grammarly before submitted it to me, or just turn your office grammar checker on. 

Important to noted: Avoid first person point of view. 

English Writing

Published Budget: Rp 275,000
Finish Days: 14
Published Date: 05/10/2015 13:28:47 WIB
Start Date: 06/10/2015 14:29:18 WIB
Finish Date: 20/10/2015 21:28:51 WIB
Project Status: Closed
Accepted Worker: English (adhistie)
Accepted Budget: Rp 250,000
Project Ending: Completed

Project Owner

221 Point
#2,722 dari 1,128,547
Rated Worker: 9.00/10.00

Adhistie did a good job. However, you can put more engaging title for the articles.

Accepted Worker

Kab. Kulon Progo
92 Point
#3,838 dari 1,128,547
Rated Owner: 10.00/10.00

Saya sangat senang bekerja sama dengan Anda. :)

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