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Pembuatan Magento Extension/Plugin


Saya membutuhkan bantuan programmer yg sudah berpengalaman dengan Magento eCommerce.

Currently we have a reward point system plugin for Magento. We need a 2nd reward point system identical to the original plugin. So what we need is modified plugin files that can run side by side without any conflict with the original plugin.

What will the checkout process should look like:


- Completely separated db tables for the original reward points plugin and the modified one
- Original and Modified menu and pages should be both accessible from Magento admin panel and also from the customer's logged-in menus
- The onepage step checkout below should display both original (AFDP) and modified (SPEF) points selection
- Customers can use none, either, or both points in conjunction with a payment method. (Use Bank Transfer or COD for testing if Paypal is too troublesome)
- If the points being used are enough for the transaction, "No Payment Info Required" should be auto selected and the other payment methods disabled
- If the points are not enough, No payment info should be disabled, and other payment method (maybe just the first one) should be selected.

Example Scenario: 
an item is $601. 
AFDP is set to 1.0x ratio to $
SPEF is set to 3.0x ratio to $

Valid payments examples:
- 601 points AFDP
- 201 SPEF
- 299 AFDP & 101 SPEF
- 601 paypal
- 100 AFDP, 100 SPEF, & 201 paypal

Plugin original ada di attachment. Jadi tinggal install yg original dahulu, lalu extract copy ke folder nama lain. Modifikasi files & nama folder asli, lalu install lagi copiannya (2nd instance)

PHP Magento

Published Budget: Rp 2,000,000
Finish Days: 7
Published Date: 27/05/2016 10:02:53 WIB
Start Date: 14/06/2016 09:22:23 WIB
Finish Date:
Project Status: Closed
Accepted Worker: IMP DEV (EnjoyableStudio)
Accepted Budget: Rp 2,000,000
Project Ending: Self Mediation

Project Owner

20 Point
#9,770 dari 1,128,615

Accepted Worker

Kota Tangerang
763 Point
#763 dari 1,128,615

Penyelesaian Arbitrase

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