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i'm looking for mobile app game developer to build app for student to record language and practice pronunciation for 4 languages (English, Chinese, Tamil, Malay) 

main scope are below : 

1. build apps 36 stories animation ( content will provided )

2. record student voice and play back

3. review student pronountion (give score or other )

detail like below : 

1. Vendor should design and provide a friendly user experience with simple navigation user interface 

2. Vendor should provide all Professional artwork and animation in consultation with the school after award of contract 

3. Vendor should propose the navigation and flow of the app based on the content provided. 

4. Vendor needs to design and develop the interactive app in accordance to school’s requirements. 

5. Vendor needs to provide an orientation of interactive app to school’s personnel 

6. Vendor needs to develop a project timeline that is mutually agreed by school and vendor to monitor app development. 

7. Vendor needs to assign a project manager / coordinator to liaise with school representation on project matter and provide update on project progression. 

8. Vendor should conduct comprehensive and robust test (Unit test, string test etc) so as to ensure the app is bug free before commission of the app. 

9. Vendor should breakdown the development cost ( such licence fees etc) for the app  

10. Vendor should provide the costing for option to feature additional scenes 

note : 

1. app for android and ios

2. user this app is student age 7 - 12 years old

3. make easy and simple app for easy understanding

Please send previous portfolios specialy in app game development, price, timeline and technology will be used.  best offering will be choosen

if any idea, can let me know.

Thank you so much

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