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Design Online Audio UI


The page we are looking to be designed is the "burst page". It is a page the user lands into after they click the search result in Google.
Please note that the page must be responsive and we expect to get 2 layouts of this page: PC/web and mobile web, where mobile web is most important!
The page has the following the following main elements:
1. Audio player with: Play/Pause button, Prev/Next buttons, Share button (important!!), interactive audio progress bar (allow the user jump to certain points in the audio), audio duration.
2. Title of the page - the H1 header - that is built from "Listen to: " + Radio Show name + "on" + Keyword1, Keyword2, and Keyword3. For example: "Listen to: The Morning Show on Spiderman movie and Review"
3. Each audio has a category such as: Entertainment, Business, Politics, etc... Only 1 category is presented per audio. Should be presented as a tag.
4. Next bursts - a list of related audio bursts to listen to. Each item should include a title, date and time it was aired, duration, keywords/tags, play button
5. Search button
6. Logo

Secondary element:
1. Show a Transcript button
2. Show an Embed audio button
(these options can be encapsulated in a "..." icon

Inspirational websites

animation and colors. Clean design

Usage of background atmosphere image. We don't images other than a single atmosphere image per audio.

Player design, card format, clean design

nice prev/next control buttons

Trendy UI. "You may also like" section looks nice

Please use any color theme that you like and look best. The most important actions in the page are:

Play, Next audio and Share.

It should be finished in 1 day. We need experienced UI designers only.

Adobe PhotoShop

Project Class: Open to Suggestions
Published Date: 31/03/2017 07:37:51 WIB
Published Budget: Open to Suggestions
Finish Days: 1
Project Status: Published
Bid Count: 6
Select Deadline: 30/04/2017 07:37:51 WIB
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