Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing (Full English)


Service Overview
Offering service in the English literary field, specifically in fictions (e.g. fantasy, drama, thriller, romance, mystery, etc) and non-fictions (e.g. articles, reviews, etc). Other offers include poetry and playscripts. All works will be written in full English, with proper grammar and punctuation. The contents are guaranteed to be written from scratch, with no plagiarism.

The fee is Rp. 50.000 per 1000 words. The price can be lower or higher and can be negotiated, depending on the type of work and word count.

Work Speed
The project is guaranteed to be finished within 1 to 3 days (maximum) for smaller projects, or 2 to 7 days or longer for long-term bigger projects (may depend on the type of work and word count).

Feedbacks and Suggestions
The writer is open to feedbacks and suggestions from the clients. Should the client feel dissatisfied with the work, the writer is ready to make changes and improvements as requested.

Clients are free to use the finished work(s) they requested within any books or websites as they wish; however, it is required that the writer is always credited for their written works, to avoid plagiarism and misuse of the works' contents.

Request Format
Should one require this service, feel free to message me with the following format included:
▷Type of work: (e.g. fiction, article, review, poetry, etc)
▷Format: (e.g. Microsoft Word, PDF, etc)
▷Minimum word count:
▷Contact number/address:
▷Other details:

Your consideration for using this service is greatly appreciated.

Finish Days: 2

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