Programming Experiment / Research Services


Only for :  
Base Fix Price : RP 20.000.000,-  
for any of your NORMAL programming needs.   

If you have Extreme or Huge Project with High  
Bounty or Budget , don't forget to check (tick)  
additional available Services here.   

If you think my price is too expensive or if there's  
no option available for your budget , you can either  
contact me here or simply use [hire me] button in
my profile.


*   All must PAID in Front after Agreement or Contract Signing.  
**IF you don't know rule of programmer's payments , kindly learn  
     either from Local or International Info. Normally it used to be
     Paid First for either 50% up to fully paid , and Worker Guarantee
     for their works or Worker should responsibly give refunds to Worker.        


UNLESS the error or bug came from my code , I can giveaway
FREE & no-limit Revision until all Fix , or you get additional 
refund guarantee , up to 90% of all your paid cashes. 
up to 100% refunded if work progress is still less than 
1 week.     

IF you think you gonna need additional Revision for 
your emergency need , I already put that services in 
the "additional services" check box area.    

and I'm sorry I should put charge in these Revision 
section , because I experienced a lot of people abusing 
the revision section for additional feature that not used 
to be in front contract agreement.     

and please note , THERE WON'T BE REFUND if you pick 
any of the additional revision service , so please predict 
it carefully , before pick any of those services.     

I can do most of IT or Programming needs , 
I prefer for Desktop based application regardless 
you need it for OFFline or ONline ( via UDP / FTP ) , 
but I don't mind if you need for websites or game 
programming if you have nice budget for that.

I will do most of Projects from my home , unless 
you need for server management or IT Solutions , 
I can come to your workplace , but it will cost you 
for it's maintenance fee , at least for transports.

What I do is exactly PROGRAMMING , I do all the codes , 
but if there's other requirements such as devices / PC / etc , 
it is NOT my responsibility to purchase , and we will negotiate 
that in front contacts , not to exchange contract during work.     

Working Code Per Quota (Hour / Day / Week / Month)  
[#] Not Accepting Long Term Projects ,  
      Most Normal Projects must be finish  
      or be Cut in around 3 months.  
[#] For Huge or Extreme Projects , 
      I can spare up to 6 months of 
      my time , include re-evaluations. 
[#] If you have Extremely High Bounty , 
      the limit of my contract is 1 year. 
[#] for some mini-projects it can be as 
      low as Rp 100.000,- depends in it's 
      usage , preferably for non-profit org.    

for more Info : Tony , 0898 380 1354   ( prefer text message )       

My Work Limitations : 
1. Mini-Projects up to 100 Projects per week.
2. Normal Projects up to 50 Projects per month.
3. Extreme Project only up to 5 Projects per month.
4. if you need very intensive with High Bounty , I can 
    manage for 2 Projects per month.     

My Experience Since 2008 Includes : 
DOS , Pascal , Delphi , C , C++ , C# , HTML , PHP
ActionScript , JQuery , JavaScript , AJAX , BASH ,
Python , Perl , Assembly , Micro 8086 , Macro 8085 , 
Arduino , ASP.NET , VisualBasic , VB.NET , Flash ,  
and many more other languages.   

some of my extra experience : 
RPGMaker , DarkGame Maker , PyGame , 
Unity3d , CryEngine , Android , iOS ,
Unreal Development Kit (UDK) ,
LEAP Motion Developer , etc.     

I'm also familiar with these : 
Microsoft Office , Adobe , Autodesk ( all in any variant of version )  
and some other software with Windows as base platform.   

NOTE1 : Please Contact Me first if you confuse.      

NOTE2 : Additional Budget were used for any other of your own
needs , example like need to purchase 10 PC sets or need to buy 
some others , or even for extra emergency costs need.       

NOTE3 : All Additional Services Are OPTIONALS , so please 
choose only what you need , so it won't confuse me or admin.        

Finish Days: 60

Programming Cross Platform Programming Database Programming Game Programming Linux Programming Mac OS Programming Multimedia Programming Web Programming Windows Programming Desktop Programming



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  Rp 20,000,000
Contact Seller & Deal

Code Per Hour + Rp 100,000
Code Per Day + Rp 2,200,000
Code Per Week (6D) + Rp 12,000,000
Code Per Month (25D) + Rp 250,000,000
Tutorials (per Day) for My Own Sources + Rp 1,000,000
BUG Finder (per bug if any) from OTHER source + Rp 50,000
High Level Project + Rp 20,000,000
Extreme Level Project + Rp 50,000,000
Intensive Extraordinary Project + Rp 100,000,000
Craft New Logo + Rp 1,000,000
Company Profile (Send Me Detail) + Rp 2,500,000
Transportation For Intensive Meet-Up + Rp 10,000,000
Additional 1 Revision + Rp 1,000,000
Additional 3 Revision + Rp 2,000,000
Additional 5 Revision + Rp 3,000,000
Additional 10 Revision + Rp 6,000,000
[web] Online Host (per month) + Rp 1,000,000
[web] Online Host (per year) + Rp 10,000,000
[Default] 1 PC Spec for Server + Rp 40,000,000
[Default] 1 PC Spec for Client + Rp 12,000,000
[Default] Server-Client Connector Kit + Rp 7,000,000
Additional Budget 1 + Rp 5,000,000
Additional Budget 2 + Rp 10,000,000
Additional Budget 3 + Rp 20,000,000
Additional Budget 4 + Rp 40,000,000
Additional Budget 5 + Rp 90,000,000
Additional Emergency Budget 1 + Rp 100,000,000
Additional Emergency Budget 2 + Rp 200,000,000
Additional Emergency Budget 3 + Rp 300,000,000
Make Me Work On Sunday or Holidays !! + Rp 10,000,000
[Changelog] Monthly Work Progress Report (mail / text / other) + Rp 100,000
[Changelog] Per 2 Weeks Work Progress Report (mail / text / other) + Rp 500,000
[Changelog] Weekly Work Progress Report (mail / text / other) + Rp 1,000,000
[Changelog] Per 3 Days Work Progress Report (mail / text / other) + Rp 5,000,000
[Changelog] Daily Work Progress Report (mail / text / other) + Rp 10,000,000
(Approx) Copyright License to You (1 Person) , Purchased via nearby Lawyer + Rp 20,000,000
(Approx) Copyright License to Your Corporate (>1 Person) , Purchased via nearby Lawyer + Rp 150,000,000
QR Code Feature for Desktop + Rp 20,000,000
QR Code Feature for Mobile (1 Platform) + Rp 40,000,000

Kota Surabaya
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Kota Surabaya

untuk info lebih lanjut yang "fast response" silahkan kontak ke nomor hp yang tersedia , 0898 380 1354 , bisa juga chat via YM di :
  [ [email protected] ]   
sedangkan untuk sistim kinerja dipersilahkan untuk mengikuti aturan main di web ini , atau meet-up kalau ragu...      

untuk harga / jam kerja , nantinya bisa "disesuaikan" , karena beberapa fitur seperti garansi refund atau cash-back tidak bisa dilakukan pada web ini , dan waktu pengerjaan ada kemungkinan selesai lebih cepat / lambat , tergantung dari tingkat kesulitan permintaan project anda...      

ditambah lagi , jika project anda merupakan "develop" dari nol , dimana harus membeli perangkat komputer / perkakas lain , maka amat sangat disarankan untuk kontak & ketemuan , dikarenakan memerlukan kinerja seperti setting PC / pengaturan konektivitas dan lain sebagainya....     
untuk report progress juga disarankan via e-mail atau sejenisnya , sehingga tidak terjadi "flood" atau "spam" di bagian web ini , terutama jika file size nya berjibun , akan sangat tidak efisien sekali kalau main kirim-kiriman surat , minimal harus di "PRIVATE upload" di 4share atau dropboks jika memang tidak memungkinkan untuk bertemu langsung...     

respond bisa ditunggu maksimal 2 x 24 jam , kalau lebih dari itu belum ada respon berarti antara "masih repot" , atau "terjadi sesuatu" seperti kehilangan hp atau sejenisnya , atau mungkin juga service provider jaringan sedang trouble sehingga kontak anda tidak masuk / tersambung...     

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Kota Surabaya

The Result MOSTLY will be given in a form of .exe or execute-able , and NO SCRIPT.

if you need me to include the scripting code , give me offer for that , because 
the price are depends on the difficulties of the program you ordered.

and for note , DO NOT RE-SELL the code , or else it means you're doing Piracy , 
which is meant to be given for some consequences or even sued by law.

for non-profit usage (personal , cheap price) visit here :

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