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Do you want to translate documents from Indonesian/English to Korean? Or from Korean to Indonesian/English? You have come to the right person ^^


I will translate documents from Korean to Indonesian/English at a cost of Rp 250.000, - for 400 words (around 1 page , Times New Roman 12; Space 1,5) and from Indonesian/English to Korean at a cost of Rp.250.000,- for 400 words (around 1 page, Times New Roman 12; Space 1,5). Less than 400 words will be cost the same.

What do I need to start working?After you buy this service, please send me the document you want to translate in text file in Microsoft Word/Open Office.

How long you will get the results of my translation? I will send the results with the condition below:

1-4 pages : Less than 72 hours (3days)

5-10 pages : Less than 168 hours (7days)

11-20 pages : Less than 336 hours (14days)

Other Benefit: Free 200 words for every purchase of 1200 words.

The works will be conducted professionally.

Thank you and enjoy the service ^^

Finish Days: 14

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