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Hello, this is Cornelia. I've been a professional freelance writer for more than 2 years. I usually cover technology, blogging, lifestyle and entertainment topics. But if I have decent time to do some research, I believe I can write about every topic nearly as good as the expert.

Why am I a perfect person for your project?

1. I'm a quick learner. For nearly every project that I took before, I've no experience about the topic, but I could still manage to write a high quality article that satisfied my clients.

2. A hard-worker, until the point of workaholic. I always try to meet my client's expectation and value a quality over quantity.

3. I always meet my deadline. (or even before)

And here's some skills that I have...

Article/Blog Writing - Creative writing - SEO writing - Copywriting - Academic Writing - Storytelling

Where you can find me?

Cornelia Pradhita Lyman (contently)Cornelia Lyman (linkedin), cornelia_pr (, Cornelia Lyman (idntimes)

Web Research English Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Song Writing Writing Copywriter Screenwriting Content Writer

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Jasa Penulis Artikel Bahasa Inggris

Rp 50,000     
10.00/10.00 (1 sales) #206 dari 7,198

Jika Anda sedang mencari jasa penulis artikel bahasa inggris berpengalaman , maka Anda datang ke orang yang tepat. Sebagai seorang blogger, pemilik perusahaan startup atau bahkan content marketing di suatu perusahaan besar, menulis artikel merupakan pekerjaan yang merepotkan dan menghabiskan banyak waktu. Bayangkan saja jika Anda harus menyusun jadwal terbit konten, memasarkan konten Anda, ditambah lagi melakukan research untuk konten plus editing. Hasilnya pasti tidak akan maksimal. Lalu, apa solusinya?  " Orang yang sukses berfokus untuk mengembangkan usaha dan menyerahkan pekerjaan yang sulit pada ahlinya " Jika Anda membutuhkan artikel menarik berkualitas tinggi, Anda tinggal memesan jasa penulis artikel bahasa inggris...

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2018: It's a 500 words article about blogging. I've just need around 2 hours to make this article. It covers different way to monetization a blog, from the most general method till the most unusual one. This article has been passed the selection of Kontenesia's writer, one of best professional SEO services in Indonesia

2018: In this article, I exploite my creative writing skill to write a controversial article about personality of human.

This article successed to capture my client's attention to choose me out of 50 other writers even though I have no experience or review before.

2018: Beberapa artikel yang telah saya terbitkan di idntimes dan dibaca oleh ribuan orang serta dibagikan oleh ratusan orang

2019: In this 800 words article, I summarize the best way to increase productivity for millenial.

The main keyword is about increase productivity while the additional keyword is improve/better productivity.



Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Good article in English and met the deadline. 

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

I can see you improve your skill and please keep up the good work! 

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

The article is great. There are some minor grammar errors but I can see your skills is improved. 

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Cornelia did a good job on creating the e-book. The work is detailed and delivered the message well. 

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Keep up the good work!

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Many thanks for the good work.

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Keep up the good work by reading more English articles! I believe a good writer always comes from a good reader. 

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